2016 (5th) China Information and Industrialization Integration Development Summit Forum will be held in Beijing

Hosted by e-works Digital Enterprise Network, the "2016 (5th) China Informatization and Industrialization Integration Development Summit Forum" with the theme of "Made in China for the Future" will be held on March 17-18, 2016. Held in Beijing.

At that time, the forum will invite leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, manufacturing experts and economists, CEOs of well-known manufacturing companies and experts from CIOs and mainstream consulting services to discuss strategies for transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing companies in the context of China's manufacturing 2025. The successful case of enterprise transformation and the integration of the two technologies will discuss the promotion strategy of the deep integration of the two industries and the implementation of the two-integrated management system.

At present, German Industry 4.0 is in full swing, the United States has proposed the Industrial Internet, and China has launched the "Made in China 2025" strategic plan. In China's 2025 strategic plan, smart manufacturing is the core project. The application of intelligent manufacturing technology has a realistic meaning and urgent need for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises. As China's manufacturing industry moves toward smart manufacturing, it must promote the deepening of information technology in various value chain links such as R&D, management, manufacturing and supply chain. Practice has shown that promoting the in-depth integration of informatization and industrialization, and then achieving intelligent manufacturing, is the only way for China's manufacturing industry to achieve transformation and upgrading. The theme of this forum is “Made in the Future Made in China”. The content and characteristics of this forum are as follows:

Bring together the ideas and wisdom of the government, industry experts, manufacturer presidents, corporate executives and CIOs;

Interpretation of the development trend of China's industrial economy and the country's promotion strategy for the integration of the two industries;

Analyze the dilemma and solution ideas in the construction of enterprise informationization under the craze of intelligent manufacturing;

Exploring how informatization can support the enterprise's transformation and development strategy and enhance the value of information application;

Study the opportunities that new information technology brings to the improvement of business and management;

Share the success stories of the deep integration of well-known enterprises.

As an annual event, the China Information and Industrialization Integration Development Summit has been successfully held in Beijing for four times since 2012. Previously, the predecessor of the summit forum, the China Manufacturing CIO Annual Conference and the China Manufacturing Informatization Year-end Inventory Award Ceremony, has been held in Beijing for nine consecutive years since 2004, which has aroused the attention of the industry and achieved no Vulgar response. At this year's summit, we will continue to commend the CEOs who have made outstanding contributions to the integration of the two industries, the outstanding CIOs of manufacturing companies, and the best practices of information application. At that time, representatives of well-known domestic enterprises will also come to the event.

At present, the registration is in progress: http://TIng.htm, the decision-makers, senior management and informatization leaders of the manufacturing enterprises are invited to take the time to take part in the busy schedule.

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