A box will be able to play with the mixed reality that Bikachu can also discharge in it

A box will be able to play mixed reality Bikachu can also be discharged from Baidu VR

First VR (virtual reality), AR (enhanced reality), and now MR (mixed reality), a lot of new interactive experience technology makes people an eye-opener.

Of course, new technologies always require new equipment, and they are usually expensive. For example, the HTC Vive represented by VR and the Microsoft HoloLens in the AR field do not have a basic charge of around RMB 10,000. It is difficult for the average user to bear.

If you say that a small box of 55 dollars (about 383 yuan) will allow you to experience the coolness of MR, is it very exciting? This is HOLOWOOD.

In fact, the structure of HOLOWOOD is very simple: through the lens to refract the effect of special video played on the mobile phone screen, and then with the small doll originally placed in the pyramid, to achieve a mixed reality experience.

With different dolls and videos, you can create whatever cool effects you want, such as Sun Wukong, Vegeta, Pikachu, etc. The effect is very realistic, just like cartoon characters really live.

Of course, you can also put into the Spring Festival, Valentine's Day gifts or something, plus some romantic star effect, used to propose marriage is also good.

Of course, HOLOWOOD's price is very cheap, which means that the MR effect it achieves is more of a look, not an interactive experience, but it's still interesting to feel that it's used to create creative videos.

The MR box costs $55 (approximately RMB 383). In addition to the box itself, it also includes Pikachu, Toyota AE86 cars, Star Wars Stormtroopers and Iron Man four dolls, and some video effects. It is expected to be in March this year. Started shipping to the world.

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