Alto Electronics won the CNC order progress: fulfilled orders totaling 12.25 million by the end of March

Shenzhen Alto Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") announced that the company signed the "Outdoor LED" with China Xinhua TV Holdings Co., Ltd. ("China Xinhua TV" or "CNC") on November 12, 2012. Full color screen and advertising system customization contract (hereinafter referred to as "contract").

China Xinhua TV is committed to purchasing 200 outdoor LED full color screens from the company. The area of ​​each display screen is determined by the size of the site design and installation, and the unit price is 15,000 yuan/m2. China Xinhua TV promised that the purchase period of 200 full-color screens will be 12 months, that is, China Xinhua TV will try its best to issue 200 screen purchase orders to the company within 12 months from the date of signing this contract. The price per display includes the installation fee, shipping fee, custodial fee, insurance premium and all taxes and fees that the company should pay for it. The cost of the network control platform software is 1.0 million yuan. The payment for this contract is paid by installment payment, and the payment is completed when the warranty period expires three years from the date of acceptance of the product required by the contract.

During the period from November 12, 2012 to March 31, 2013, the contract was performed normally. During the above period, the total amount of orders received by the company from China Xinhua TV is estimated to be RMB 12.25 million, including an outdoor LED display price of RMB 11.25 million and a set of advertising system network control platform software price of RMB 1.0 million. The company was in 2012. On December 28, the prepayment of the first batch of orders was 3,750,000 yuan. At present, the commissioning and installation of the network control platform software of the advertising system has been completed, and the manufacturing and installation work of the LED display body is being promoted through the use of acceptance. The company will negotiate with China Xinhua TV on the issue of follow-up orders and the execution of orders.

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