Analysis of three-dimensional model of micromechanical assembly system

<p> When designing a micromechanical assembly system, it is necessary to analyze and determine its characteristics in order to seek a suitable control operation method. After the object is miniaturized, its remarkable characteristics, physical environment and human-computer interaction are all different from macro-institutional science to a certain extent.

To achieve three-dimensional operation, a long focal depth is necessary. Moreover, in order to monitor the interaction between the object and the manipulator, the microscope should be placed on the upper part of the manipulator. Long working distance is another requirement.

The long working distance enables the hemorrhoid ligation device to make the system monitor and operate the same position at the same time, so as to achieve effective operation. To obtain three-dimensional information, multi-directional imaging is very effective. Another important function of visual feedback control is real-time imaging processing capabilities, such as measurement of displacement and / or deformation, detection of the state of the object, and visual tracking of the object.

As the geometric size of the object decreases, the object becomes lighter, more flexible, and more fragile. This is because the mass of the object decreases by the third power of the feature size, the structural rigidity decreases by the first power, and the decreasing power of the cross-sectional area is the second power. It is easy to apply excessive force during the operation to cause the small objects (1) to suddenly run away, (2) to elastically deform to a non-negligible degree, (3) sometimes plastic deformation, (4) or even destruction. Certain methods need to be taken to prevent the problem of sudden bouncing of objects. Moreover, the system should have the ability to find the object that bounced off.

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