Application advantages of capacitive touch technology in household appliances

One of the most important factors that people consider when buying a home appliance is the appearance of the product and the high-end features it supports. With today's highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) processors, designers can not only design new user interfaces (UI) that use capacitive sensing technology, but also reduce system costs and board space by using other system functions . At the same time, because the SoC provides many components required for system construction in the same chip, it can accelerate the product listing process. In addition, the time required to connect multiple devices and perform debugging is also significantly reduced.

Figure 1: Block diagram of induction cooker

Figure 1: Block diagram of induction cooker

Figure 1 shows the block diagram of the induction cooker. This electrical equipment must have the following key functions:

· Maintain the temperature of the pot: Pulse width modulation (PWM) is required to set the ignition duration of the heating coil.

· Fan control: A temperature sensor and PWM are required to drive the fan motor.

· Overcurrent and overvoltage protection: Requires analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and comparator.

· Automatic detection of pot: electromagnetic induction is required.

· Time-based cooking function: Real-time clock (RTC) is required.

· User interface-display: requires digital display or LCD glass display driver.

· User interface-buttons: need capacitive touch sensing and detection

Led Guardrail Light barrier lights on the LED light source, there are red,yellow,green,blue,white,purple,green or colorful color, such as by microchip control, which can realize the gradient, jump, color flashing, random, alternating gradient, chase, scan flow such as color change.

It is especially suitable for the application of the billboard background, overpass bridge, river, lake guardrail, building outline and other large dynamic light belts, which can produce a rainbow gorgeous effect.The outline of the building is decorated with a guardrail, which can accentuate the effect of beautifying buildings.It has turned out to be one of the best lighting products in the world.

led  guardrail light

Product size

led wall washer light

Installation Instruction

LED Guardrail Light

Description of products

1.The lamp uses radiant heat dissipation structure design, can let lamps and lanterns have better heat dissipation effect.

2.Meet the protection requirement of IP65, pass national lamps and lanterns quality detection center detection.

3.High strength tempered glass, transparent and uniform.

4.Adopt ACC12 die casting aluminum and surface is processed by process

5.The high purity acrylic optical lens improves the luminous efficiency and ensures the output of luminous flux.

6.The luminaire implements 256 gray scale, 16.7 million R/G/B synthetic color changes.

LED Guardrail Light

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