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Editor's Note: Avago Technologies has announced the launch of a pair of high-performance 24W red, green and blue (RGB) light-emitting diode (LED) modules for a variety of decorative, architectural and professional lighting applications. This is the first new high-power LED module in the industry that delivers up to 480 lumens of light output for customers who require an easy-to-use solution that can display a wide range of colors. Avago's ADJD-MJ50 (top-emitting) and ADJD-MJ60 (side-emitting) LED modules are small enough to be stacked vertically or horizontally to achieve the desired light output. They are the best choice for interior and exterior architectural lighting designers for applications such as arched lighting, wall cleaning, down lighting and exterior front lighting. These RGB LED modules are also ideal for use with Avago Technologies' patented color management solutions, enabling end users to set and maintain consistent color points throughout the life of the lighting device. In addition, these LED modules offer increased performance and flexibility for specialized applications such as ambient lighting, mission-specific lighting and follow-up lighting. Combining brightness and reliability, these LED modules provide a flexible solution for billboard backlighting and other signage applications. Designers of lighting equipment, sign manufacturers and architects are increasingly looking for high-performance, safe low-voltage wiring and long-life solid-state lighting. These applications require high brightness output and efficient dispersion of the heat generated by the LED source. Avago's new RGB LED modules are optimized for a wide range of lighting applications at competitive prices and high reliability. Today's RGB LED lighting assemblies are typically a combination of a large number of individual high-power LEDs assembled and routed by lighting equipment manufacturers. Avago's solution is a plug-and-play integrated solid-state light source. It is packaged in a small, easy-to-install metal package with an integrated power connector designed for easy connection to heat sinks. This will greatly simplify the manufacturing of lighting equipment, help reduce production time and costs, and eliminate the need for a secondary assembly process, free of investment in expensive assembly equipment. Key Features Avago Technologies' ADJD-MJ50 and ADJD-MJ60 red, green and blue transmitters deliver up to 480 lumens of continuous light output at 9000 K when rated current is driven at 100% duty cycle. At a temperature of approximately 310 lumens when adjusted for white output). Its built-in heat sink (the thermal resistance between the LED connection and the bottom of the package is only 2 ° C / W) and mechanical mounting can effectively transfer heat from the LED to the lighting device. This allows these LEDs to operate at high drive currents (total currents up to 750mA) while minimizing connection temperatures and simplifying thermal management of lighting design. These very long-life LED chips are packaged in a silicone-based compression package that is mounted inside the reflector cavity to provide a smooth, elliptical illumination pattern. The optimized optical design combines with closely spaced emitters to maximize light extraction and maximize efficiency. It also pre-mixes the light in the red, green and blue chips to achieve a uniform color throughout the illumination mode. With this feature, designers no longer need to provide additional light mixing optics. The package dimensions of Avago's new high-power RGB LED modules are as follows: ADJD-MJ50: 100 mm (length) x 18 mm (width) x 3.6 mm (height) ADJD-MJ60: 100 mm (length) x 18 mm (width) x 8 mm (height)


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