Bright and colorful Samsung 4K screen millet TV 3s standard 65-inch TV test experience

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One: Out of the box two: host audio three: screen experience, 4K HD playback four: MIUI TV system five: TV host audio experience experience six: WIFI LAN sharing seven: summary


First of all, I would like to thank Zhang Aunt for the opportunity to give this experience. The packaging of the TV is very meticulous. There is a thick cardboard protection on both sides of the casing. Naturally, it is received intact. The 65-inch TV is indeed very heavy for sister paper. The two people are moving a bit too hard. Carefully and step by step, the TV and the accessories are taken out for assembly. The dismantling process is not repeated here. Personal feeling is that Xiaomi's packaging design is very reasonable, and the disassembly and assembly are relatively simple. If I score 10 points, I will give 9 points.

The test experience is the millet TV 3s standard 65-inch TV, priced at 4,999 yuan, 65-inch millet TV with 48-inch small-size design is not the same, 48 of the host part is built into the TV, and The 65-inch model is an independent host stereo, which is the integration of the host and audio into one and the display part are independent, sound effects are better, of course, the TV's key controls, interfaces, etc. are also in the host On the usual plug and pull control is also more convenient. In fact, the separation of the host and display screen design has a good advantage of reducing the weight of the TV wall, reducing the curvature of the TV screen, this design is more welcome, very reasonable. 4999 yuan standard version is not with a subwoofer, only the host audio, and 5999 yuan a higher level of configuration is in addition to the host audio also comes with wireless rear surround speakers and subwoofer speakers, quite a set of active family The basic configuration of the theater.

The other detailed parts of the test experience began to be shared with the big guys. First of all, go out of the box! Millet TV 3s standard 65-inch TV comes with a accessories box, or millet consistent packaging, box super strong, remote control and other accessories are also placed separately,

The main box is the remote control, HDMI HD cable, power cable, screwdriver, 5 screws and MI PORT connection, in which the MI PORT line is dedicated to the data power connection between the TV screen and the host, because the power line is also inserted In the back of the TV screen, the host computer is actually powered through the display screen. This has the advantage that only one MI PORT line between the host and the display screen is more concise and refreshing, and the TV cabinet desktop will be more tidy.

The remote control is still a universal remote control with a good reputation from the millet, and the classic design is very good with one-handed control.

The instructions for installation of the TV and the illustrations and texts are very detailed for the accessories, installation, interface functions and usage methods.

Followed by the start-up experience can not wait, here by the way to bring friends who are interested in this product to wake up, 65-inch TV two tripod spacing is relatively wide, at least the width of the TV cabinet should exceed 140cm, base depth More than 307mm, so we buy a TV cabinet or try to choose a little more spacious, the TV display will be more stable and calm. The TV screen is a 65-inch original Samsung 4K screen, 65 size is still large enough for the average family's living room is basically enough, in fact, compared to the size of 48 in fact for non-small family housing It is still a little small. 65-inch TV frame and back are all metal, the front of the frame is black, the side is still gold, the width of the front frame is about 13,14 mm, the thickness of the measuring frame is less than 1cm thickness, the screen ratio is very high, the frame is very thin. The first boot automatically upgrades the system, but not much when used.

After the separation of the host design, the back is also much simpler. The left and right sides are the MI PORT line jacks and power outlets. The TV bracket has a total of 5 mounting screws. It is more than a spare. It is installed on the line with a matching screwdriver. These details are still done. That's right.

Black and gold border, the advantage of the black border is to power off or black screen state visual border and LCD screen integration is stronger, looks more comfortable.

[host audio]

The mainframe of the TV is long strips. The family members all say that they are like a gold bar, and the official website also has a description of the size. They are 880mm long, engage in 54.9mm, are 123.7mm wide and weigh 2.45kg. The middle console of the host audio system is silver on both sides. The rest of the fuselage is covered with a black mesh surface, and it is also matched with the black border of the TV screen.

There is a MI logo on the front panel of the control panel. The top panel is the control panel button. The red one is the power button. When the power is on, it will be on. When facing the TV, there will be no interference when viewed from the front. The design is reasonable. The middle is similar to the direction determination key of the remote controller, but it is mainly a multimedia function. The middle PLAY button enters the online play of the millet TV music player, and the up and down buttons adjust the volume, and the left and right buttons change music. The bottommost CH is the channel switching button.

All interfaces are on the back, and the instructions are clearly identified.

There are three HDMI jacks, one of which is the HDMI ARC. The ARC is called the Audio Return Channel. Its function is to transmit sound signals. On the HDMI interface that supports ARC, the TV can transfer audio signals back to the HDMI cable through the ARC. Power amplifiers or other HDMI ARC-capable audio devices are used to save individual digital output cables. In addition, there is also a USB2.0 and USB3.0 interface respectively. The front of the MI PORT interface is the connection interface between the host and the TV screen. There is one Ethernet interface, and there is also an AV interface. There is one S/PDIF in and one S/PDIF out interface. The Woofer is used to connect the millet subwoofer. There is also a TV antenna and a 19V power connector. However, the accessory does not have this power supply. .

There are two screw holes on the left and right sides of the TV host. It is guessed that they should be used for fixing. However, there is no description in the manual. Sister paper is usually used on TV cabinets.

There are four non-slip mats at the top, the mainframe and the desktop are actually a little bit apart,

The separate design of the host audio and TV screens also made Sister Paper quite curious, so it measured the power consumption:

Shutdown power 0W
100% backlight brightness normal play online video around 150W
50% backlight brightness normal play online video around 95W
0% backlight brightness normal play online video around 38W

[screen experience, 4K HD playback]

For LCD TVs, the screen is one of the most important core, 3s 65-inch as a non-curved screen in the high-end products, millet uses a resolution of 3840 × 2160 original Samsung 4K screen, the backlight is from the millet and The bottom-in LED developed by Ruiyi supports dynamic backlight with a viewing angle of 178°, a dynamic response of 8 ms, a static contrast ratio of 5000:1, and a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The rest of the hardware configuration:
CPU Amlogic T966 Cortex A53 quad-core 1.8GHz
GPU is Mali-T830 MP2 750MHz
Memory 2GB DDR3 Dual Channel Flash 8GB eMMC 5.0
WIFI Dual Band 2.4/5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Beamforming
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.1 BLE Low Power

The first impression on the screen is that the colors are more intense, that is, brighter, and it is a screen with a warmer style. Then the sister paper is verified by comparing it with the physical map.

In the system's image parameters, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, hue, and color temperature can be finely adjusted. In addition, there are a variety of preset modes, which are standard, movie, gorgeous, sport, user, different modes, and different. The parameters in the mode are different, which are the different styles of warm color temperature and cold color temperature.

It is also possible to adjust each parameter and color temperature directly in the user mode, and adjust the two different effects according to their preferences.

Dynamic backlight can be turned on in the image settings. The system automatically adjusts the backlight effect according to the status of the screen, and can also open the eye protection mode.

Xiaomi uses a genuine Samsung 4K screen with a resolution of 3840×2160. Why should he deliberately specify that it is a Samsung 4K screen? Sister Baidu also learned a bit about the true and false 4K screen:

“The original Samsung LG has sold fake 4K screens in China. The traditional pixels consist of R (red), G (green) and B (blue). The full HD panel pixels are 1920x1080, and each pixel consists of three types of pixels. Pixels, so a full HD panel a total of 1920x1080x3 = 6.22 million colors. And 4K panel resolution is 3840x2160, each pixel is also composed of three sub-pixels, a total of 3840x2160x3 = 24.88 million colors, the resolution is full HD Four times that of the panel, while Samsung and LGD have developed RGBW 4K panels with low cost and slightly different pixel configurations, except for R (red), G (green), and B (blue), a sub-pixel is added. (White), with the increase of sub-pixels, RGBW 4K panel can also reach 4K resolution, Samsung will call it Green UHD, and LGD is called G+ UHD. Samsung's only reach 1920*2160 and LG's slightly High only 2880 * 2160. In addition to watching the panel to see HDMI interface at least have to 1.4, it is best to wait until the HDMI2.0 interface, there is the video encoding, only the H.265 encoding can support true 4K."

As you can see from the above figure, the fake 4K is a W-white pixel with poor performance, which is worse than the normal 4K. The sister paper is not an engineer, but the meaning of the introduction of true and false 4K on the Internet means Still seeing it, then quickly look at the pixels of the millet TV, there is no W white pixel, the composition of all pixels are RGB, and the resolution of the TV display is also 3840×2160, the interface is also HDMI 2.0a , It should be the real 4K screen.

Sister Paper then tested the leak of TV. There was no serious light leakage and the performance was excellent.

The color of the screen at first gives people a feeling of being bright and rich, and will do a lot of original image comparison later. The viewing angle of the screen conforms to the official 178° propaganda.

Dynamic delay afterglow test, it seems that under the black environment to see the white color of the bottom of the moving color block or there is a significant delay in the delay, of course, the recording of the GIF looks slightly more than the naked eye actually see the obvious point,

4K resolution test chart, according to the requirements of the text, borders, lines, including the details of the color blocks are clearly legible, very clear,

The use of TV screen detection software to simply conduct a test, the first is the color transition, the transition between the colors is more natural and smooth, there is no sudden feeling,

Gray scale test, the numbers 1-20 are very clear, clear, visible,

The white numbers 39, 40 look a little bit to eat, and you can see the shadow of the numbers.

But if the final test result of this screen is 100 points according to the software's scoring criteria,

Basically using graphic and fringe test images, the screens are all perfectly rendered, with no blurring or unclear areas.

1942297c5730c7ca692a43445fb11.jpg" />

The percentage color transitions of RGB tri-colors are more natural and clear, and each level can be clearly identified.

RGBYW pictures of several common colors, the screen is a perfect screen, no dead pixels,

The following uses the color effect of the picture and the display for comparison testing. Suddenly most of the shots are taken using the color temperature of 6500k. Individual pictures are adjusted to match the actual colors of the naked eye as much as possible. It can be clearly seen from a large number of contrast pictures. The Samsung 4K screen's color trend is very rich and colorful, and it contrasts sharply with the original image. Although the color and style of the original picture have been changed, the display effect of the Samsung screen is better than that of the original picture, and it is even more visually deterrent. For the video, the colors will have better performance.

When playing 4K HD video, in addition to setting options for aspect ratio, audio track, subtitles, playback settings, and Dolby audio,

In addition, the color temperature or color style of the screen can be adjusted, including standard mode, movie mode, colorful mode, sport mode, and custom settings.

Sister Paper also downloaded the "Sony 4K - Camp HDR" HD video playback experience, the so-called HDR, namely High Dynamic Range, the term was first mentioned or in the field of photography, is a kind of enhanced photo dynamics The technique of the range is the contrast between the brightest white and the darkest black. Everybody usually uses the mobile phone to take photos and also has the HDR mode. In fact, the simple point is to make the picture or video have a better sense of hierarchy, a clearer level of discrimination, black and white and color contrast will be smaller, so that you can see more details. For example, if the LCD TV and video do not support HDR, it may be very dark. If you do not see any details at all, the level of screen latitude will be a lot worse, but with HDR, either the highlight or the shadow It can be clearly seen that the sun is not so harsh, the dark part is not so dark, the colors will be more full, the gradient of the hue will be more delicate, and it will be more realistic to present to the eyes.

For example, in the following HDR-supported video, the background of the vehicle is dazzling and bright, while the front of the vehicle is a shadow. Non-HDR video may show glare and dark shadows, but the HDR shows a very dark shadow. Clear, you can see the details of the shadows.

Another HDR video, "Into the Cave of Wonders 4k HDR,"

In addition to HDR can bring better details and layering transition, millet TV this true 4K Samsung screen color style is also relatively flattering the eye, you can get colorful rich screen, 4K HD video can play smooth decoding.

【MIUI TV System】

Millet TV 3s system MIUI TV system, MIUI TV system based on Android6.0.1 customization, UI mode is horizontal and vertical operation, the system's UI is also very streamlined, the system has been upgraded twice, just received when the default system is 1.3 .2 stable version, the latest upgraded version is 1.3.4. The upgraded system is not as good as just receiving the first default installed version. After the upgrade, the system reclaims the permission. The external keyboard cannot capture the system. However, the MIUI TV system is very stable, and with four-core processors, the actual control experience is significantly smoother than the 48-inch millet TV.

The UI UI TV system's horizontal and vertical UI combination is also a mainstream method for many televisions or TV boxes. The top is the search category, classified by a selection, TV series, movies, variety shows, children, VIP, documentaries, categories, applications, shopping malls. And so on, sliding down is the selection of content under each category option, and even more subdivided categories.

The top left corner of the home page is the selection of the picture-in-picture and input and output interfaces. It is very convenient to switch normally.

The system slides down and down per each option.

When you press the remote control's back button while sliding down, you can instantly return to the home page. The response is still very fast.

Online resources are relatively rich, there are suitable for all types of family members, all ages of content, such as young people like to watch movies and television shows and variety shows, children like a variety of puzzles or fun cartoons, content is still very rich, normal network The response of online resources is still relatively fast, and the entire playback process is smooth.

App stores can see all the installed APP, application store, game center, high-definition player, there are some necessary programs, you can also install third-party programs,

The system's home page allows you to quickly check the time. You can quickly check the weather, date, and enter the system settings. There are eight options for image, sound, input source, peripherals, and Bluetooth, network, universal settings, account, full, and system information. In the image settings, the backlight can be set to dynamic backlight, and the dynamic backlight will be automatically adjusted according to different screens, in addition to the setting of the eye protection mode.

Press and hold the home button to select or clear all background programs to free up memory.

The MIUI TV system has rich online resources. Basically, the current hit TV dramas, the latest two-year high box office movies, and some old movies and old TV series can be watched for free, including the mainland and Hong Kong and Taiwan. Although there are American drama options, they are actually all It cannot be played.

TV shows basically have advertisements, but not every time they choose to enter the show, they don’t even have to watch a set of episodes. Sometimes there will be exchanges, and advertisements will last more than a minute.

When you watch a TV show, press the menu button to adjust the options such as sharpness, selection, screen ratio, playback settings, and Dolby sound.

In online resources, for example, certain contents of TV dramas are invalid and cannot be watched. For example, "The Wrong Wedding Chairs" and "The Evil of the American Opera" are all invalidated. However, they are still in the MIUI TV system and cannot be watched. These details are not good enough for Xiaomi. They should all put the invalidated contents off the shelves so as to avoid wasting time and delaying the operation fluency.

In general, online free resources are still very rich. In addition, MIUI TV system can also install third-party APP programs, such as installing some TV broadcast software, so that you can watch a rich live TV.

If the mobile phone system has a built-in screen-casting function, it can be directly connected to the TV for screencasting, or it can be equipped with a screen-casting artifact APP to make the mobile phone tablet equal to the TV-networking screen.

There are many features in the screen casting artifact, in addition to the ability to project photo and video content, there are many online video can be selected, the equivalent of a mobile phone into a cloud remote control, the latest version of the system due to limited permissions, so even if the use of cast screen artifact The screenshot is also invalidated by the screenshot.

Usually at home and family to watch the photos of the travel life photographed on the phone, watching the recorded video can be directly projected on the 65-inch screen of the millet TV through the screen casting artifacts, the smooth speed is almost similar to the watch on the phone.

MIUI TV system has built-in TV butlers, which can perform functions such as one-click acceleration, garbage disposal, software removal, and network testing, so that the maintenance system can be easily understood.

[TV host audio effects experience]

In the official website can be seen, the millet TV's 65-inch plane has two programs, one is 4999 yuan standard independent audio host, one is a full set of 5999 yuan surround sound theater, the grandmother test experience is 4999 yuan host Audio version,

In addition to the host audio system in the conventional LCD TV built-in motherboard and control buttons integrated into the host, while the audio speakers are also integrated into the host, compared to the integrated TV audio, due to a more independent more spacious space volume, So you can place better and more speaker units. Take a look at the dismantling pictures on the 60-inch screen of Xiaomi TV. The appearance of the 60-inch and 65-inch mainframe is similar. The circuit board and buttons are in the middle, and both sides are It is an independent cavity unit TV horn with a total of 4 horns, two medium and two treble bass.

The improvement of the sense of hearing brought about by the audio part of the TV is very obvious. Compared to the own audio system of the 48-inch TV at home, the audio of the 65-inch millet sounds more like a speaker than a TV. La, the sound appears to be a lot more spacious, fuller and thicker, and the kind of deterrent effect that the low-middle-frequency brings is much more obvious. Whether watching the lines of dialogue in the TV series or the exciting scene of watching the movie, the scene created is even more atmospheric. Dolby sound can be adjusted while watching videos. There are four modes, namely music mode, theater mode, shutdown, and customization. Each mode is optimized for different types of multimedia playback, including the use of automatic when watching videos. In the default mode, the sound has no surround effect, and the sound field appears to be smaller, but the voice is full and full. If you turn on the theater mode, you will notice a significant change in the sound field. The virtual surround effect is very obvious. The sound field feels a bit wider and a bit wider. It is more cinematic for the atmosphere created by some explosions, fights, and other special irritating scenes. For Dolby sound effects using the preset mode, you can turn off or customize the virtual surround, vocal enhancement, and equalizer.

The following is the live sound recording effect of several movies. For your reference, due to the loss of the sound distance from the camera recording video, the sound effect actually heard is much better than in the video. When watching, it is recommended to select the ultra clear effect:

Millet TV 3s 65-inch standard independent sound Captain America 3 theater mode sound recording

Millet TV 3s 65-inch standard independent sound crazy animal city theater mode sound recording

Millet MIUI TV system has a lot of built-in songs, the following is the effect of the host audio playing songs, playing Chinese songs and English songs and Dee high and low music:

Millet TV 3s 65 inches standard independent sound Chinese and English songs sound recording

Millet TV 3s 65-inch standard independent audio Dee high frequency audio recording

Millet TV 3s 65 inch standard independent audio low frequency sound recording

[WIFI LAN Sharing]

MIUI TV system can also share WIFI LAN, enter the HD player to set the machine as a shared disk,

Then enter "" in the file manager.

In this way, the directory on the MUI TV system can be seen on the notebook. This function is actually more convenient for copying the screenshot of the TV.

【to sum up】

The main screen of the host audio is relatively thin, and the dark colored border and the screen are strongly integrated.

True 4K Samsung screen is bright and colorful, and it pleases the eyes

Screen 178 ° large viewing angle

Support HDR 4K video, make layering, latitude better, and restore video more realistic

Support dynamic backlight

The quad-core configuration and MIUI TV's actual control are very smooth. As the screenshots are not yet completed, you can continue to operate. This is much better than the Xiaomi 48-inch TV. The system's startup speed is also faster.

Support dual-band WIFI, signal reception is better Host audio Dolby audio multiple modes, sound performance is somewhat shocking, better than LCD TV integrated sound effects

The independence of the host audio system makes it even more convenient for the plug-in connection. The interface on the host computer is very rich. In the future, it can also increase the sound of the millet surround, subwoofer, etc. to expand, with good scalability.

Standby power consumption is 0

MIUI TV system interface is streamlined, clear control classification

System installation of third-party applications such as live applications is more convenient and compatible


The screen is too thin and thin all slightly curved

The high-speed dynamics under the black and white difference have slight tailing, ordinary color video does not look out when it comes

There are many online video ads, and the time is longer than 60 seconds.

Individual MIUI TV system failure resources are not removed, affecting the overall experience

The latest version of the system to insert the keyboard does not support screenshots sometimes not very convenient

There is no bottom-end decline. I feel that this approach is not very reasonable. It would be better to reclassify the declining content. Click to enter.

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