China World Expo Science and Technology Special Action has achieved more than 1,000 results

The reporter learned from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China on the 8th that up to now, the World Expo Science and Technology Special Action has received nearly 300 million yuan from the central government's science and technology investment, driving local financial technology investment of more than 400 million yuan and a large amount of social input, and has arranged 232 projects. The research project has achieved more than 1,000 scientific and technological achievements and has been applied in practice.

——In terms of World Expo planning and construction, the concept of green environmental protection, ecological energy conservation, and harmonious livability will be highlighted, and a modern architecture and landscape technology system suitable for the construction of the World Expo will be formed.

——In terms of new energy applications, the concept of green Expo and low-carbon Expo will be highlighted, and key scientific and technological research and application of clean energy technologies will be carried out to meet the requirements of energy conservation and emission reduction. During the World Expo, the Expo Park and its surrounding areas will carry out a large-scale demonstration operation of a total of 1080 new energy vehicles, including 200 fuel cell vehicles, 380 pure electric vehicles and 500 hybrid vehicles. This will be the world's largest new energy vehicle. Commercial operation demonstration.

The urban best practice area in the Expo Park and the landscape lighting of “One Axis and Four Pavilions” all use semiconductor lighting (LED). More than 80% of the night lighting in the entire park uses LED, which has obvious energy-saving effect and will become the world's largest LED centralized demonstration area. The total installed capacity of solar power in the Expo site will reach 4.5 megawatts, achieving the largest photovoltaic building integrated grid-connected power generation system in China and Asia; the first batch of 34 3 MW wind turbines is the first national-level offshore wind power demonstration project in China. —— Shanghai Donghai Bridge 100,000 KW offshore wind farm was installed and commissioned. The first three units have been officially connected to the grid for power generation. Other units will also be connected to the grid before the Expo to provide green and clean energy for the Shanghai World Expo.

——In terms of ecological environment, it emphasizes the concept of ecological harmony and recycling, and focuses on the integrated application of technologies such as eco-environmental protection and resource recycling, reflecting the harmonious unity of urban and ecological environment.

——In terms of safety and health, we will provide technical means for food testing, anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism by organizing scientific and technological research in food safety and emergency prevention. “Crowd-predicting simulation technology and system”, constructing three-dimensional scenes of public facilities in the computer, simulating the flow of people and possible sudden disaster events, providing scientific, comprehensive and reliable response to possible emergencies during the World Expo. Efficient auxiliary analysis means; "fast on-site detection of pathogens, toxic and hazardous substances, genetically modified ingredients, etc." has successfully developed a number of food safety testing products, and has been demonstrated in Shanghai and surrounding areas; "Face image The collection and comparison system "through face recognition technology, 24 hours of uninterrupted control can be achieved at all entrances and exits and important places of the Shanghai World Expo Park.

——In terms of operation management of the Expo, it focuses on the development of traffic management inside and outside the park, the safe distribution and guidance of high-intensity passenger flow, and the multi-language information gathering and release. The “Shanghai World Expo Intelligent Transportation Technology Integrated Integration System” project has been completed and applied in Shanghai traffic management; the world's first TD-LTE demonstration network is realized by supporting the demonstration of the next-generation mobile communication technology TD-LTE in the Shanghai World Expo Park. Applications; more than 70 million tickets for the Shanghai World Expo will be based on a new ticketing system based on radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

——Expo exhibitions, highlighting exciting and interactive ideas, and launching relevant new media, new creative designs, etc., to provide technical support for the theme of Shanghai World Expo, which fully demonstrates and demonstrates “Better City, Better Life”. The online Expo, built with the application of next-generation Internet technology, has been launched and will be the first live webcast in the history of the Expo.

From the successful bid to host the World Expo, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Shanghai Municipal Government, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Meteorological Administration, the China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the AQSIQ, the National Nature The Science Fund Committee and other units specially set up the Expo Science and Technology Leading Group and launched the implementation of the World Expo Science and Technology Special Action to focus on the national scientific research strength and scientific and technological resources, carry out joint research, and provide scientific and technological support for the Shanghai World Expo.

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