Datacolor Spyder 5 Red spider 5 generations out of the box

Although I had heard about Starscream before, I didn't know anything about it, so I didn't have any hands on it. During New Year's Day, I saw the value of Friends' Posts. I feel deeply that Starscream is definitely a savior I can't afford to buy high-end displays. Pull a few friends to partner one. . . In the end, there was a small partner who specialized in art and work, so the company purchased one, and when it was used up, I could use it to make it. Then I got this pseudo-unpacking sticker. . Because it is not used, but it is not really out of the box. . . The following is another valuable friend's post. . .

Reasons to purchase

Actually, I don't have too many requirements on the monitor. The home is the 24 inch surface of Samsung that I bought before. It's a very low-end product. The company is the 22-inch monitor of the THINKPAD X230 and the Lenovo host. (Use, the monitor is idle, I was requisitioned), and another host that I put together at home to upgrade the remaining garbage, the monitor is Philips 2009 old goods. . . Detailed configuration see the following two posts:

In short, the monitors are very general. I heard that Starscream's artifact can instantaneously turn the silkworm into a rich, handsome, and coincidence. If there is a small partner to use, what is hesitant? . Directly the latest generation of Starscream, Jingdong orders directly. . .

Appearance Gallery

↓ Packing is a simple box. . . Little (it turns out to be small but powerful)

↓ Open the lid is inside is a plastic lid, a piece of paper above the card, printed software download address. . . However, this address is affixed to, obviously for the Chinese users to prepare the address, so I tore open, want to see the original version is printed. . .

This address was originally printed. . . I tried to board and look at it. . It is the same as the above page. .

When you open it again, you see the subject. . Please ignore the oil handprints. . . Feeling no less than four generations of domineering. . The apparent value is higher. .

There are no brackets in the Five Dynasties. . . This is the lens and lens cap. . . Patients with intensive fears are better off not staring at the camera. . .

There is a tripod connector on the body. . . It should be used to calibrate the projector. . .

Then step by step is to download the software and install it. . .

↓ Install and install. . .

Welcome to the interface. . Then there is registration. . Need registration code. . Because it is brand new, there is no case where buying a second-hand registration code is impossible. .

↓ Guidelines for initial use. . . Above is the update, don't worry about him. . . As required, the monitor needs to be warmed up for 1 hour, no direct light, see the monitor's adjustment function, and connect with four items of red spider. .

↓ Next select the monitor type. . . It can be desktop, notebook, projector. . It is very powerful. .

↓ Then confirm the adjustment function. . . Brightness, and color temperature. . Most monitors are supported. .

In the fifth generation, when the desktop monitor is calibrated, there will be a step to detect the ambient light. . Normally put the red spider near the monitor, no direct light source, run the program. . Follow the instructions step by step. It's a fool. . .

↓ Then, follow the prompts and hang Starscream. . You can tilt the monitor back a bit. . Do not stick together. . . Here, insert the monitor stand advertising. .

You will be required to adjust the brightness of the screen during this time. . Just reach the recommended value. . .

↓ music support, with dual USB ports. . . The white Lu block behind the monitor is the weight I found. . . The weight range of this bracket is 2KG-7KG. As a result, the Samsung low-grade goods, because the transformer is external, and the display is less than 2KG, it is useless to adjust the support strength of the gas spring spring to the minimum, and the bracket will automatically return to the highest position. . In fact, only one iPhone6P's weight was lost, so he found a counterweight to solve the problem of free hovering. .

↓ Dual USB3.0, in fact, is a very thick extension of the two, respectively, behind the computer. . . In other words, the photographs were found to look like a non-slip mat shift, and go home at night to adjust. .

The bracket is the double USB port that is the cheapest song. However, I feel that the work is actually not as good as the basic one. .

If there is no USB demand, I actually recommend buying the most basic one. . It's better to feel what you're doing. . .

The bracket's sun bill has already been written in another previous post. . .

插座Sockets and cables under the desktop

The outlet was also recommended by Aunt. . . At the time 32 pieces were purchased. . .

The cable manager is IKEA's Magna. . It's very practical, and the installation is also a very simple little thing. . Hide all the cables. . The desktop is clean. .

↓ Then, this is the case on the desktop. . . Because it uses a wired mouse and keyboard. . and so. . . This is a necessary sacrifice for the feel and cost-effectiveness. . .

This is how you see the desktop from the front. .

Next back to the calibration work. . . But in fact there is nothing to say. . Because you don't have to do it. .

After you finish, save. .

Last look is before and after comparison. . The above is the effect after the calibration, the following is the effect of not being calibrated. .

↓ Support full-screen image comparison. . The actual look is more pronounced than the camera shot. . . The main feeling is yellowing. . . Warmer colors have changed from cold to warm. .

Of course, the most powerful place for Starscream is not only that it can be calibrated. There is also a powerful analysis function. . such as:

↓ Color accuracy analysis. . This is before calibration. . .

This is after calibration. .

Color gamut analysis. . Do not look at this surface is less than 1000, color gamut analysis is not bad. . 98% of sRGB77% of AdobeRGB. . Of course, it cannot be compared with the wide color gamut screen.

You will do a full department test and give you a rating. . . Very intuitive. .

In addition, the calibrated monitor, if you want to not normally load the Starscream program, but you want to use the calibrated effect, you need to modify the default load mode of win. . Change the default load file to the one generated by Starscream. . It's great every time you turn it on. . .

↓ is displayed in the setting interface. . Select advanced display settings

↓Choose color management

Select the Advanced tab and click Change System Defaults

↓ In the device configuration file, select the one just saved by Starscream. .

↓ This point closes. . Then turn off all the way. .

experience feelings

Regardless of those feelings on the tall, the biggest feeling is that it looks real. . . Well, the most important thing is that it will never happen again. It is very exaggerating for you to look at beautiful pictures on your monitor, or if you look at it beautifully, it will become a heavy taste to others. . .

to sum up

For a small partner to do art. . A red spider is really a must. . . Do not talk about how good your work will be, at least it will guarantee that nothing will happen. . And this is long-term useful. . It is really worth investing in one. . Really can not bear, this goods can also be rented. . . However, considering the accuracy of color, it is generally recommended to calibrate once a month. . You rent it once a month, rent it 8 times, enough to buy a second-hand Starscream. . Better to bite into one. .

Manhole Covers

Manhole cover, used to cover the road or deep in the house to prevent people or objects from falling. According to the material can be divided into metal covers, high-strength fiber cement concrete covers, resin covers and so on. Has round type,square type or as demand. Can be used for garden, sidewalks, roads, docks, alleys and so on.

Product Information:

Name: Manhole cover & Grating

Material: Ductile iron GGG50/7, Gray Iron

Standard: EN124/1433/1563

Class: A15,B125,C250,D400,E600,F900

Shape: Round, Square, Rectangle, Triangle and other shape as demand

Size: From 300(300X300) to(1000) 1000*1000 or custom size

Paint: Bituminous black

Advantage: Longevity corrosion resistance, Excellent anti-pressure

Molding: Depends on the design

Process: Drawing-mould making-raw casting-sand blasting-rough machining-surface treatment-product inspection

Application:motor vehicle Road, municipal administration, living quarters communications, electricity and water supply works

manhole covers & gratings

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