Dell is developing human sensors at an early stage

Dell researchers evaluated a range of devices, including NeuroSky and Emotiv products. Mennon said that emotion research is "still in its early stages, and I don't want to predict when this technology will be used in actual products."

Dell ’s newly established Dell Research (DellResearch) is conducting early experiments using brain and human sensors to judge user emotions. This technology can be used for education, human-to-human communication, and can also be used to monitor the user ’s playing and driving. mood.

Jai Menon, Dell's vice president and chief research officer, said that the company's research and development scope includes four major areas: security, data analysis, mobile / Internet of Things and cloud computing / modern data center, and emotion research belongs to mobile / Internet of Things field.

Mennon said in an interview that Dell ’s emotion monitoring technology will comprehensively use a person ’s brain waves, heart rate, pulse or other physiological signs to judge a person ’s emotions, such as emotions, emotions and sadness. In the past few years, human brain-computer interface technology has achieved A lot of development has been made, but many technologies are oriented to high-end applications, and our research is based on cheap consumer applications.

Dell researchers evaluated a range of devices, including NeuroSky and Emotiv products. Mennon said that emotion research is still in its early stages, and I do n’t want to predict when this technology will be used in actual products.

Dell said earlier this year that the company has obtained or is applying for more than 6,000 patents.

The Advent of Dituo Bluetooth Music Aromatherapy Diffuser

    Bustling in the hustle and bustle of the city, busy with heavy work, people began to pursue ways to relieve stress, and Bluetooth Diffuser as a device to relieve stress, is gradually entering the people's field of vision. In recent years, the development of aromatherapy machines has shown a thriving trend, and Dituo intelligent Bluetooth Aroma Diffuser has been widely concerned and loved by consumers with its innovative design and rich functions.

    Why is Dituo's smart music aromatherapy diffuser supported by so many people?

    If you experience this Bluetooth Oil Diffuser, you will find that their success is not due to luck, but that they have created a product that combines practicality, design and technology, whether it is design, production or material selection. And the appearance, all reveal the creative attitude of the Shenzhen Dituo Electronic Co.,Ltd. and the thinking of the product. Dituo uses high-frequency vibration generated by ultrasonic vibration equipment to convert water into fine mist at a frequency of 2.4MHz. After being used with different essential oils, it is distributed in the surrounding air to make the air full of fragrance. When there are guests visiting at home, Or when there is an odor in the room, the fragrance emitted by Dituo can make the air instantly fragrant. The faint aroma not only makes you immerse yourself in the beautiful atmosphere of aromatherapy, but also refreshes your mind. Imagine that when you end your busy day and want to relax your body and mind, the fragrance that dituo brings will make you You feel relaxed and comfortable. 

    The pleasing music has a calming effect on modern people who are under stress all day. Aroma Diffuser can play music through the Bluetooth connection. When the music meets the aroma, and the romantic atmosphere created by the gradient breathing makes people feel like walking in the space of the cloud, the refreshing atmosphere adds a pleasant atmosphere. If you are accompanied by mild symptoms of insomnia, when you are doing aromatherapy in the bedroom, you can add the essential oil of lavender, and the fresh and elegant aroma can accompany you to dream.

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