Digital home network networking


With the development of economy and technology, people's demand for communication services is no longer simple voice and one-way video, but faster, richer and more interactive broadband multimedia services. The popularity of broadband communications and the Internet has greatly promoted the development of digital media content. Now, in addition to the innovation in the digitization of home appliances, the construction of a home network with broadband access, internal interconnection, and content sharing has also become increasingly prominent.

From the perspective of the industry development trend, communications, information, entertainment and other technologies have rapidly matured and begun to converge. The trend of 3C integration has emerged. Information resources have been integrated on personal terminals. Individual users can directly face a virtual information platform to operate. The seamless link between devices and information has all made the topic of "digital home network" hotter and hotter.

1 Definition and business application of digital home network

Digital home network refers to extending the functions and applications of the public network to the home through the home gateway, and based on the flexibly configurable home intelligent wiring system or building a wireless environment, connecting various information terminals (such as home appliances, PCs, etc.), providing The integrated functions of voice, data, multimedia, control and management enable the circulation and sharing of information between the terminal inside the home and the external public network and terminal inside the home.

The business of digital home network is usually positioned in three aspects: a. Home audio and video entertainment, watching movies, enjoying music, personal audio and video STudio. B. Telecommunications and broadcasting services, VOD, VOIP, IPTV, online games, remote office / education / medical . c. Control and monitoring functions to realize security, electrical control, meter reading, and power management. The following services and applications can be realized through the digital home network: a. Interconnection with the Internet, VOD on-demand through set-top boxes and televisions or computers, and mass storage and personalized information services based on the Active Server Page (AcTIve Server Page, ASP) And interactive Internet entertainment games and other services. b. Realize high-speed information sharing of various information terminals in the home, such as data sharing between PDA and PC. c. Remote control, adjustment and monitoring of various household appliances through the home gateway, such as the control of microwave ovens, washing machines, air conditioners, lights, electric curtains, temperature and humidity controllers, air volume regulators, etc. d. Realize the automatic alarm of anti-theft alarm, automatic smoke detector, harmful gas detection device and send it to the user's mobile phone, E_mail mailbox or community management center through the network. e. Through home cameras, using home gateways as video servers, users can remotely monitor home security in real time via the Internet.

2 Composition of digital home network

The digital home network structure is shown in Figure 1. It is usually composed of three parts: a. Home gateway; b. Various information terminal equipment and smart home appliances; c. The construction of a home intelligent networking environment, that is, interconnecting various types of terminals in the digital home. It is connected to the home gateway, and realizes the self-organized networking of information terminal devices and smart home appliances in the home network through wired or wireless interconnection technology within the home and provides automatic discovery and configuration. The home gateway (ResidenTIal Gateway, RG or Home Gateway, HG) is the core of the digital home network. It is a simple, intelligent, standardized, and flexible personal home network interface unit, which can receive communications from different external networks. Signal, passing the signal to a device. RG is also the bridge between the entire home network and the external network, and is the key to various services and applications in the digital home. ITU-T has included the home network as part of NGN (new generation network), and RG will play an important role in it. The location of RG in NGN and its connection to the outside are shown in Figure 2. MGC is the media gateway controller , MG is the media gateway.

The RG should have the following functions: a. It can perform multiple or different types of access at the same time, and the same home network can be constructed using multiple technologies; b. It can handle multiple types of access network technologies and multiple types of networks simultaneously Technology; c. Can bridge access network QoS and home network QoS; d. Can guarantee that the accessed content does not depend on the hardware and transmission mechanism used to transmit the content; e. Can flexibly support the latest technology; f. Should be established in Flexible platform, and can be easily upgraded.

Figure 1 Structure of a digital home network

Figure 2 NGN and home gateway

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