Do not know these three points, do not arbitrarily purchase street lights

Street lights need to be lit every day, and the lighting time is relatively long. If the quality is not too hard, not only the people are not satisfied, street lamp management and maintenance is also a big task, so the street lamp requires its lighting rate is one of the key indicators. . Then, when the street lamp is first purchased, you should seize the following key links.


The first step in purchasing is the light decay test report, which is a very important part. At the time of bidding, each company will provide different units of light decay test reports, some provide their own company self-test, and some third-party testing, although the test report here is good, the actual real light decline is great, the reason Everyone knows, then how can we get to know the real thing?

The test report is first and foremost a designated agency accredited by the Semiconductor Alliance. Such as Beijing Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Shanghai Electric Light Source Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Semiconductor Thirteen, etc., the light fade from the test reports of these units has credibility, the street lamps use high power, the heat generated, Two problems are explained by the light decay detection: the light decays and the power supply passes. If a street lamp can't pass the test in the lab, can it still guarantee the quality?

Street light structure

After the road light fade test, the structure is a big problem. This problem is rarely noticed in the industry, which is one of the main reasons for the light decay caused by the actual use of street lamps.

Everyone knows that the size of the country's smog is so large that it not only harms the human body, but also causes the road light to decay. Especially in the northern region, there is much dust and smog. After a short period of outdoor use, the entire street surface Dust-filled, the heat dissipation effect is greatly reduced. This is also one of the main culprits of LED street lights that are not known to everyone.

According to this situation, the luminaire must be designed to be transparent. Multiply the heat dissipation area, because no street lighting management department will clean the radiator on time. In the long-term use, it can only be washed by rain. After the area is increased, the effective heat dissipation area will be reduced due to pollution.

Light source part

The road lighting has a wooden barrel effect, and there is a short board. The light decay has been plaguing everyone for so many years. The problem here is that you can solve the light decay by doing the heat sink of the lamp. No, everyone started to discuss Using a small power chip cannon-type package, high-power chips can't be used. It is said that the chip power is not able to dissipate heat. This is not the case. The COB package is more concentrated in heat, and the heat conduction problem can be completely solved by the aluminum bracket or the copper bracket.

However, the light decay is more difficult to control. The reason is that the heat sink solution does not necessarily solve the problem of light source light decay. There is a big misunderstanding in the light source package. The COB light source silica gel is too thick. The thinner the silicone package should be, the chip is convenient. The light-emitting surface dissipates heat, which is why the light attenuation of the COB source is not good.

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