Does the sofa produced by the aircraft engine sell 56,000 people?

Tencent Digital (Hamish) Are you an aviation enthusiast? Then you should be interested in this product! Boeing Store has recently launched a series of new home products, the biggest highlight of these products is made entirely of real aircraft parts.

One of the most eye-catching is a retro-styled sofa that was built by Boeing's DC-9 airliner's engine cowling and priced at $8,500 (about RMB 56,700).

Do you think this sofa is expensive? Don't worry, Boeing has also launched some of the more affordable products, including a $55 (about 366 yuan) wallet, which is made from Alaska Airlines' Boeing 737 leather seat; The carbon fiber key ring produced by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner “recycling” debris is priced at US$100 (about 667 yuan). In addition, there is a business card holder that is priced at US$100 (about 667 yuan). It consists of F-4 Phantom Warrior made of engine blades.

If you want to buy something more unusual, you can buy a double window on a Boeing 727 airliner for as long as it costs $1,495 (about RMB 9,973). Well, we can't imagine its use so far, maybe you can use it as an art hanging on the wall. The most expensive of this wave was the ejection seat of an F-100 supersonic fighter jet. Although it was no longer available, the price was still as high as 19,500 US dollars (about 130,078 yuan).

Source: CNET

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