Earth one hour, we turn off the lights together

On the evening of March 27th, the “Energy Saving Pilot Club 2010 Earth Hour Salon Event” was successfully held at the Kentos Jazz Music Bar. New and old members of the club, representatives of well-known energy conservation and environmental protection companies at home and abroad, NGO charitable organizations, TV, newspapers, radio, online media, and energy-saving and environmentally-friendly enthusiasts gathered to enjoy beer, cold buffet, wine tasting, and listening to Japanese bands playing jazz Classic music, watching the "2010 Earth Hour" publicity short film, lighting the energy-saving hope lamp, hot dance, spent a pleasant evening together. Representatives of WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) also attended the salon and delivered a speech.

“Earth Hour” is a sustainable global event initiated by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to address global climate change, calling on individuals, communities, businesses and cities on the last Saturday of March 20:30-21: 30 lights out for an hour, aiming to let the people of the world work together to pay attention to climate change and advocate low-carbon life production methods through a small movement - small changes can make far-reaching impact.

Zhu Xiangdong, Director of Training Center for Talents and Energy-saving Engineers in Shanghai

Dr. Ren Wenwei, Director of WWF WWF Shanghai Project Office

Live dance

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED candle light

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Please check your device connector to make sure this antenna is suitable for it.

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