Elmos Introduces DC Brushless Motors and Stepper Motor Drivers for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Recently, at the Munich (Germany) Electronics Show, elmos provided motor drive chips for automotive applications, which can use 24V and 48V vehicle power supplies and 24V to 60V power supply, suitable for industrial application environment motor drive, and car radiator grille adjust. Elmos' motor drive chip also controls the cooling of on-board pumps and LED headlights. All ICs have comprehensive safety features and first-class accuracy.

Elmos also introduced a 72V 3-phase half-bridge driver IC (E523.50) for driving DC brushless (BLDC) motors. It can be applied to automotive applications with 24V and 48V automotive power supplies and industrial applications with 24V to 60V power supplies. The driver chip is compliant with AECQ100 standard level 0 (150 ° C). The chip is equipped with a high-voltage input, a digital RUN pin and three digital input control pins for three half-bridge drivers (three high-side and three low-side gate drivers). The IC can be configured with six direct control inputs, or three enable and three pulse width modulation (PWM) inputs. For the latter configuration, the dead time can be automatically generated or set using an external resistor.

Main features:

Supply voltage range from 12V to 72V, down to 7V

Built-in 11V/100mA DC/DC switching power supply

Built-in 3.3V/20mA power supply for external microcontrollers or optional external NPN transistors for larger load currents

200mA gate drive current, including protection

Configurable 6 independent PWM inputs or drive 3 mode (3EN+3PWM)

Programmable dead time

High voltage enable input

500ns fast current sampling amplifier

Integrated back EMF interface

Undervoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature protection

AEC-Q100 compliant car certification

typical application:

DC brushless motor for industrial 24V to 60V applications

Commercial vehicle

48V communication field

Typical application block diagram:

In addition, the elmosBLDC driver IC (component E523.81) integrates all the functions required to power and control small fans or motors. The chip is ideal for PMSM applications (PMSM, permanent magnet synchronous motors) operating in low noise, low power stand-alone mode. The IC is capable of delivering up to 500mA of current directly to the motor. PWM can be used to control motor speed. In addition, the BLDC driver ICE523.81 provides integrated configurable error control. It is worth mentioning that in many applications, the chip can also be used in LED headlight steering or vehicle air conditioning ventilation application units.

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