Energy-saving national standards, low-level fraud, development and reform commission plans to raise standards

In response to the current low energy efficiency of energy-saving products, the excessively low energy efficiency of the same energy-efficient products among enterprises, and the existence of falsified energy consumption in some companies, Xie Zhenhua, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, attended the third Sino-U.S. energy efficiency yesterday. During the forum, it was revealed that the National Development and Reform Commission will substantially increase the energy efficiency standards of a series of energy-saving products in the second half of the year and strive to be on par with some of the high-end enterprise standards. At the same time, it will also launch a special campaign to crack down on energy efficiency indicators.

The current national standard is old

It is understood that China's energy efficiency labeling system was first implemented on refrigerators. At present, almost all household appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, and washing machines have been labeled with “China Energy Efficiency Labels”, which clearly records the power consumption of the appliances and Energy efficiency rating. However, with the impact of the national energy saving subsidies on product sales becoming increasingly apparent, some problems have also been exposed.

"On the one hand, it is the problem of the standard itself. Some energy efficiency standards have been introduced for a long time. With the continuous advancement of technology, it has failed to reflect the energy efficiency level of the industry." Xu Dinghua, Director of the Laboratory of Energy Efficiency of the New Energy Environmental Measurement Institute of the China Institute of Metrology told reporters At present, the enterprise standards of leading enterprises in some industries have far exceeded the national standards. For example, some tertiary energy efficiency products of high-end companies are even better than those of individual companies in terms of energy efficiency indicated by first-class energy efficiency. However, the indicator shows that the former is a third-level energy. Consumption, the latter is a level of energy consumption, consumers can not see the difference on the surface, if the national standard does not increase, it can not drive the overall industry.

The energy efficiency phenomenon is serious

In addition, Wu Ye, an associate researcher at the Institute of New Energy Environmental Measurement at the China Institute of Metrology, told reporters that according to the results of the sample survey conducted by the Institute of Metrology for energy-saving subsidies, companies were able to successfully apply for membership in the energy conservation subsidy. serious.

“Whether it can be included in the list of energy conservation subsidies has a very significant impact on the sales volume of the company’s products. Some companies’ energy efficiency is not up to the standard, but in order to be listed in the list of energy subsidies, a group of products with lower energy efficiency are specially produced to bid, and other products are selected. After the catalogue, the energy efficiency of the product is still not up to the standard, and the product can be sold by enjoying the national energy efficiency subsidies.” A long-term distributor of air conditioners even frankly stated.

Enterprise "self-test"

“The core problem is that corporate standards are higher than national standards, and the management of energy efficiency labels is based on self-inspection. This has led to the existence of a series of chaos.” Mr. Ren, who has been a regional agent for many years, told reporters.

According to reports, China's "Energy Efficiency Labeling Management Measures", which was implemented in 2005, stipulates that the energy efficiency labeling system adopts the "self-declaration and filing of producers or importers, and the government departments strengthen supervision and management." Testing also does not impose rigid rules on whether or not the tester is a third party organization. Competent companies can conduct tests in corporate laboratories. Therefore, the energy efficiency label is in fact a "self-inspection" of the enterprise.

The new national standard will be introduced one after another

Hao Xin, deputy chief of the certification and accreditation department of the Certification and Accreditation Administration and Supervision Department, said that the phenomenon of virtual energy efficiency in the market can not be ignored. Only by effectively combating the efficiency of the virtual standard, can we ensure that the energy-saving subsidies policy is implemented, but also conducive to The healthy development of the entire industry.

In response, Xie Zhenhua also stated that the National Development and Reform Commission will strengthen energy efficiency standards and logo construction. On the one hand, it will accelerate the revision and formulation of energy consumption ceilings for energy-intensive products and energy consumption standards for mid-range products, and formulate action plans for leaders in energy efficiency. On the other hand, A wide range of spot checks are conducted across the country to crack down on energy consumption behavior of virtual standards, continue to expand the scope of certification of energy-saving products, and guide energy-saving consumption. The most important thing is that this year will also gradually raise a series of new energy efficiency standards.

Xu Dinghua also believes that at present, the state implements energy efficiency subsidies for home appliances and other products, directly promoting the development of high-performance products, and the introduction of new energy efficiency standards will promote enterprises to accelerate the further upgrade of energy efficiency.

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