FANUC intelligent robots help improve the automation level of machining centers

The 2014 European Machine Tool Show and the 16th Shanghai International Machine Tool Show (Dongbo Exhibition), one of the two most influential international machine tool exhibitions, will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from July 14 to 17, 2014. Held. Nowadays, the global machine tool industry market is undergoing tremendous changes. The Asian region, especially China, has become the main market for European machine tool manufacturers. Asia's machine tool sales account for 67% of the world's machine tool output, and the demand for machine tools in the Asian market. It is growing rapidly.

For a long time, Shanghai FANUC has always regarded Shanghai International Machine Tool Show as an important platform for the development of the machine tool industry. It also witnessed the development and growth of Dongbo Exhibition. Shanghai Faira Co., Ltd. once again brought its small processing center and slow wire. The cutting machine and the loading and unloading unit of the FANUC intelligent robot combined with the high-speed machine tool were unveiled.

The FANUCROBODRILL small machining center, which was born in the 1970s, is the world champion in the sales of the BT30 small machining center. In addition to drilling and tapping, it can also be used for milling and boring. It is widely used in machinery, automotive parts, IT precision parts, precision molds, models and other industries. FANUC's latest intelligent control system 31iB will also be unveiled at this East Expo. It features FSSB fiber optic communication for faster tapping and more stable tapping, thanks to the new USB interface that is more selective than the original memory card. It is wider and easier to use, and it can easily build a processing system using robots . It can automate the loading and unloading with FANUC robots, and improve the automation of the machine, which is more efficient, more cost-effective and more stable. The automated production of the operation creates conditions. In addition, the 31iB system has a wider processing capability. In addition to machining of steel and aluminum parts, drilling and tapping, etc., it is also possible to perform electrode or mold processing. In order to make the rounded corners smooth, the AI ​​contour control can be selected. NURBS interpolation, nano smoothing function, to achieve a smooth processing surface. The BT30 spindle has the widest range of product processing capabilities. The four sets of small-scale machining centers displayed at the East Expo show each have their own functions:

Used in high-efficiency machining of automotive parts - high-speed, high-precision DDR-T four-axis machining center;

Used in heavy cutting extreme machining of steel parts - high torque, large depth of cut, fast feed machining center;

Used in the precision machining of IT industry - high speed, high precision photo frame processing center;

Used in precision parts processing in the mold industry - high speed, high precision copper electrode machining center

Figure: FANUCROBODRILL Small Machining Center

The FANUC intelligent robot integrated machine loading and unloading system integrates the advantages of efficient production, stable operation and space saving, and is widely praised by users. The Shanghai FANUC brought a demonstration of two sets of intelligent robots with machining center units. In the automatic loading and unloading processing demonstration of the IPAD shell robot, the universal mini robot LRMate200iD and ROBODRILL servo door technology can greatly improve the processing efficiency. The LRMate200iD has the lightest mechanism part of the same level robot, and the weight of the fuselage is only 25KG, which is suitable for the operation in narrow space. Easily load and unload the two-handed claws of large workpieces; in the intelligent robot visual loading and unloading processing demonstration of the scattered parts, the M-20iA robot cooperates with the FANUC3DBIN-PICKING technology to realize the accurate positioning of the loose parts, and the 2D vision compensation technology realizes the workpiece plane. The positional deviation is corrected to ensure that the workpiece is fed into the machining center in the correct posture.

In addition, the slow-cut wire cutting machine FANUCROBOCUTPCD tool processing system will also be displayed at this exhibition. ROBOCUT slow wire cutting machine is widely used in mold, medical and super-hard materials manufacturing industries with its advantages of high speed, high precision, high reliability, low cost maintenance and intelligence.

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