From January to April, Jiaxing LED lighting exports exceeded US$70 million, an increase of 88% year-on-year

From January to April this year, Zhejiang Jiaxing District has exported more than 1,500 batches of LED lighting products, with a value of more than 70 million US dollars. The batch and value increased by 48% and 88% respectively.

The LED lighting products exported by Jiaxing District mainly have the following characteristics: First, the products are mainly light sources. The LED lighting products in the area are mainly LED bulbs, accounting for 90% of the total export volume. The rest are LED lamps; the second is the high-end export market. The main markets facing LED lighting products export enterprises in the jurisdiction are the EU and the United States, the EU accounts for about 40%, the United States accounts for about 30%, and the rest is less for emerging markets. Third, the leading enterprises drive the development of the entire industry.

According to the analysis, the main reason for the significant increase in the export growth of Jiaxing LED lighting products is that energy saving and emission reduction has become a global concern and has been actively promoted; the growth of traditional light source technology is slow, and the replacement of traditional light sources by LED products has become inevitable; the progress and cost of LED lighting technology are decreasing. The long-term market prospects are optimistic; the inherent needs of lighting enterprises to transform and upgrade.

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