Full protection high value UAG urban armor iPhone6s phone protective case out of the box

First of all, the author here to explain is that I am not a Virgo, but may have a special interest in electronic digital products, the appearance of the product has a strong quality of obsessive-compulsive disorder, starting from the mentally handicapped duck 6120C, I have become a mobile phone wear Set, shell habits, and now think about it is terrible, to know Nokia own protective skills, ah, are positive gang, do not need to wear sets. In fact, wearing a sleeve and shell can protect the mobile phone and show personality. It can also add a “clothing” to the mobile phone. When the user encounters a stain during use, it can be replaced, thereby keeping the phone relatively “clean”. Let me talk about the shell relative to the sleeve, I prefer to wear sets, after all, the shell is harder, the drop will cause the Boom screen probability will increase (that is to say, white is poor) wearing a set is more secure.

Due to the above reasons, after the 6120C mobile phone, each mobile phone is equipped with a cover. When there is no money to change the mobile phone, the method of maintaining the freshness of the mobile phone is to change the mobile phone cover. This "tradition" has been extended to me by now, seeing the iPhone 7 release, various bright black rush to break the rhythm of the rhythm, as the 6S user said the egg set 7S. In order to make the old mobile phone fresh, I think it's time to change it. It happens that one day to see the information of Aunt Zhang UAG Mobile Phone Case :

Looked at the advertisement of the space falling mobile phone, and always felt that this mobile phone set is a counterfeit one, and it is suitable for me to protect obsessive-compulsive disorder! Heart secretly planting grass, but because the price is too high So, after opening the link found 6S also has coupons discount coupons after the discount price of 158. In the choice of color is also tangled: white can not be dirty, black, dark blue, gray too boring, red too Sao, transparent no personality, orange out of stock, and finally chose a blue transparent.

First, the first impression is very good, the blue transparent looks very, very comfortable, not worth a penny. There is a security layer on the package. Will there be another one after scraping? Here are the characteristics of the set: probably it is anti-drop, light, soft, although as a main protective phone cover, these are comfort buyers.

First look at the appearance, after all, the broad masses of the people change the set is to value the value! , it feels less than imagined. It seems that the packing box is not all about routines, but the upper and lower black guards are still relatively thick. Protective lever, if you drop the screen, if the screen is not on the ground, the probability of a burst screen should be 0, and there is a raised protection around the black block. This is good. The only fly in the ointment is that the two parts of the black guard feel a little cheaper.

Carefully look at the black module around the camera there is a clear flaw, the price of more than 200 this problem I really can not Tucao! I do not know if the manufacturer is interested and it is not my RP.

There is also a small black mat cushion in the mobile phone case, and the protection is really good. There is a honeycomb pattern in the feeling of nano costumes in the crysis game. There is a hole in the middle of the UAG, which is rather unsatisfactory. If the seal is estimated to be better than a waterproof

The key part is slightly soft to the touch, but it is not very direct, but it must be said that the power button has a good texture and the volume button is designed in three stages.

After the machine feels that the phone is a lot thicker (please ignore the nails), although I have used the protective phone case, but the user is recommended to consider the thickness of the phone is carefully considered.

Apple LOGO was covered, personal feeling UAG LGOG is MAN, a little metal texture, the middle section feels hard and hard, it is estimated that the reasons for protection.

The lower interface opening list is relatively loose, and it is quite convenient when plugging out.

By the way introduced my last mobile phone set:

Look at Aunt Amazon's Amazon Specials 37 to buy, this set is much softer than UAG, protection is also, and thin, relatively speaking is a relatively balanced set. Yan value is also very good, wall crack recommended. Finally, I would like to say that I have actually used this package. UAG this set has a fatal flaw is really non-. Often. Difficult. Demolition. Unloading! After a long time, I was afraid to bend my cell phone! Users who want to take off their sleeves from time to time do not recommend purchasing!

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