Guangzhou Asian Games will use 100,000 盏 "green energy-saving" LED lights

Nanfang Daily News (Reporter/Chen Bangming Lei Hui Guo Changrong Intern / Wang Ruiran Correspondent / Wang Jianyu Chen Feng) With the Guangzhou Asian Games approaching, the all-round opening ceremony and the night scene around Haixinsha are becoming more and more The public is looking forward to it. Xu Zhizhen, deputy mayor of Guangzhou, said at the first China International LED Application Technology Yajiang Summit held in Huadu District yesterday that the opening and closing ceremonies of the Asian Games will mainly adopt more “green energy-saving” LED lights, and the number will reach 100,000. Hey.

The first China International LED Application Technology Yajiang Summit Forum was hosted by Guangdong Science and Technology Department, Guangzhou Science and Technology and Information Technology Bureau, Huadu District People's Government, Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Provincial Department of Industry, Education and Research, Huadu District Science and Technology and Information Technology Bureau, Huadu District Airport Economic Committee, Guangzhou Yajiang Photoelectric Equipment Co., Ltd. According to reports, this forum is the first summit forum in the industry. The representatives of the participating companies cover the entire LED industry chain of chip production, packaging and application.

At present, the LED lighting industry is not only widely regarded as a major direction of industrial restructuring, but also an important means of energy conservation and emission reduction. The overall competitiveness of Guangdong's LED lighting industry has already been among the best. LED packaging production accounts for about 70% of the country's total, accounting for about 50% of the world's total. Among them, Huadu's packaging output has reached the forefront of the country.

Xu Zhiwei said that Guangzhou is the only non-municipal city in the country's five major national central cities. To develop a national central city, we must first form a new round of development in the high-tech industry. The LED industry is one of the most important, and the LED industry gathering point in Guangzhou. The first is Huadu.

Huadu District Chief Lin Zhongjian said in an interview with reporters that Huadu will seize high ground in high-tech research and development, introduce cutting-edge chip and substrate materials enterprises, and form a complete industrial cluster of upper, middle and lower reaches. To build a national and even global packaging base, let the LED industry "light up the world" in Huadu.

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