Hong Qi plans to expand production capacity and decide to issue bonds of NT$1 billion

Topic: Industrial Finance LED Taiwan factory Hong Qi decided to issue the third unsecured convertible corporate bonds, the total is estimated to be NT$1 billion.
Since 2010, Yuhong has completed a private equity of 1.9 billion yuan. After successively issuing a 2.2 billion convertible corporate bond, Hong Qi also decided to raise 1 billion yuan. Since 2010, the LED factory has raised more than 7 billion NT dollars.

Due to orders from South Korea, Hongqi also has plans to expand. The clean room of the new Hsinchu plant is expected to be completed by the end of May 2010 and put into operation in June.
Related stock price 2010/05/04 - 11:20 Hong Qi TWD 38.30 (+0.66%)

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