How much can the LED outdoor advertising display earn?

As an emerging media, LED advertising display has been developing rapidly in recent years. Estimated 2015 outdoor LED display screen advertising market more than 3 billion. So what is the investment prospect of LED outdoor advertising display? Let's take a simple analysis together

First analyze the cost of investing in an outdoor LED advertising screen:

First, the size of the LED screen will affect the price of the LED outdoor screen. Take the P16 outdoor full-color LED display as an example. Suppose the size area is 100m2. According to the market, the price is about 5500 yuan/m2. The price of a 100m2 LED screen is 5500*100=550,000 yuan.

Second, LED screen control system: The cost is about 15,000 yuan. Control computer, audio, power distribution cabinets, air conditioners, lightning arresters, the price of about 16,000 yuan.

Third, steel frame structure and exterior decoration materials and labor: If it is designed by the manufacturer and construction drawings, they buy materials locally, the cost is about 1000 yuan / m2, 100 square meters is 100,000 yuan.

Fourth, transportation costs: Assume that it is transported from Shenzhen to Suzhou, the cost of 100m2P6LED display is about 13,000 yuan.

V. Electricity Expenditure: Such a screen consumes about 42KW per hour, 12 hours per day, and the cost of one day is about 500 yuan (the electricity cost is calculated by one yuan), then the electricity bill for one year is: 504*30*12=180,000 yuan. It is conservatively estimated that the life expectancy of 5 years can be used, and the electricity expenditure is 900,000 yuan.

Therefore, this 100m2 P16 outdoor advertising display requires 5 years of expenditure: 55+1.6+10+1.3+90=15.8 million. In addition, due to market materials and other factors, the estimated price will be different.

Secondly, the output of the LED outdoor advertising screen:

The above conservative estimate of the useful life of 5 years. Suppose that this P16 outdoor advertising screen can play 12 commercials per day. The monthly fee for an advertisement is 4,000 yuan, then the cost for 5 years will be: 12*0.4*12*5=2.88 million

Final summary: What is the revenue value of this LED advertising display?

The income generated by using 5 years is: 288-158=1.3 million yuan

The above is just an advertising screen operation. If mature and large-scale investment, the advertising revenue will be greatly improved. It is believed that with the further development of outdoor advertising, more applications, penetration rates and market prospects of LED outdoor advertising screens will certainly get better and better.

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