How will the domestic 4G chip under the pressure be broken?

Since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued TD-LTE licenses to three telecom operators in December last year, 4G has gradually entered people's lives. For mobile phone manufacturers, the arrival of the 4G era means that they can take advantage of the industry's opportunity to reshuffle and win more competitive advantages for themselves.

According to the BD-LTE mobile phone market share statistics released by Sino Consulting in May 2014, the domestic mobile phone brand Coolpad ranked first with 23.1% market share, while Samsung and Apple respectively ranked 18.8% and 15.7% market share respectively. Column two, three. For a time, "the domestic 4G mobile phone to achieve counter-attack" has become a hot topic of public opinion.

However, a report issued by the research department of Taiwan's "Electronic Times" undoubtedly poured a cold water on the above optimism. The report shows that due to the small number of domestic 4G chip manufacturers, Qualcomm monopolized 80% of the market share in the first half of this year.

Relevant experts suggest that the state should also take into account the development of the industrial chain in the promotion of autonomous 4G standards, and build its own ecosystem to achieve true innovation-driven industry development.

The gap is gradually narrowing

The development of China's mobile phone chip industry is late and the technical foundation is weak. Therefore, despite having a huge market, it is subject to tens of billions of patent fees due to the GSM standard in Europe and the CDMA standard in the United States.

In recent years, with the strong support of the country for the broadband wireless communication industry and the integrated circuit industry, China has made a major breakthrough from “coreless” to “core”, and a number of internationally competitive enterprises have emerged, and international The gap in lead levels is also shrinking.

On June 24th, Huawei released the flagship model of the glory brand, Glory 6. It is worth noting that the phone uses the "Kirin 920" developed by Huawei's chip maker Heis. Huawei said that the chip is the world's first commercial eight-core LTE Cat6 mobile phone chip.

In March of this year, ZTE also announced that its self-developed ZX297510 LTE multi-mode chip platform passed the test of Quality Assurance Department of China Mobile Terminal Company.

Wang Yanhui, secretary general of the China Mobile Alliance, said that domestic mobile phone chip manufacturers such as Hess have effectively improved their competitiveness through recent efforts.

"In the 4G era, although the domestic mobile phone chip industry still lags behind foreign countries, in some products and technologies, the gap with foreign countries has been greatly reduced." Wang Yanhui said.

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