IEEE1394 interface

The IEEE1394 interface is a high-speed serial interface standard started by APPLE and TI. Apple calls it FireWire (FireWire), and Sony calls it i. Link, Texas Instruments called it Lynx. Although the trademark names registered by the respective manufacturers are different, they are actually technologies. That is IEEE1394.

IEEE1394 is an external serial bus standard, 800Mbps high speed. In recent years, 1394 cards are rapidly gaining popularity as costs drop. There have also been some other related devices, such as digital cameras, hard disks, network cameras, etc. The 1394 interface has a function of broadcasting data from one input source to a plurality of output devices, and is particularly suitable for home AV (audio-visual) connection. Because the interface has the same time transmission function, it ensures audio and video data quality of audiovisual AV equipment, and has good replay effect.

Strictly speaking, the IEEE 1394 card is just a universal interface like USB, not a video capture card. For example, we can connect a high-speed external hard disk to the IEEE1394 card. However, because most of the uses of the IEEE 1394 card are connected to the DV digital camera to collect digital video signals, we usually think of it as a capture card. The 1394 cards currently on the market can be simply divided into two categories: DV cards with hardware DV real-time encoding and 1394 cards with software-encoded compression.

DV cards with hardware encoding capabilities are generally priced at a few thousand dollars. DV cards with hardware encoding can greatly improve the speed of DV editing, can handle some special effects conversion in real time, and many of these cards have to handle MPEG-II video streams. The function.

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