Indoor intelligent lighting control system based on Internet of Things technology

[Source: High-tech LED's "LED Good Products" magazine February issue]


At present, most buildings in China still use traditional lighting control methods, which can only achieve simple regional lighting and time switch functions. However, with the development of Internet of Things and intelligent control technology, how to scientifically, reasonably and effectively design space lighting The more attention it receives, no matter what kind of building, no matter how high the degree of intelligence of the building, lighting control has always occupied a very important position in the building automation system. Fangda Zhikong's indoor lighting control system adopts an all-digital, modular and distributed system structure, which can automatically realize regional lighting equipment according to the function of a certain area, different time of day, indoor and outdoor brightness or the use of the area. The operation can be centralized and unified management and monitoring of lighting facilities, through the control of lighting and interior design, the indoor light effect changes with the change of visual functions of various spatial scenes, and the corresponding logic analysis is performed on the collected information. , reasoning, judging, storing, displaying, and transmitting the analysis results in the required form, and performing corresponding feedback control of working state information; not only meeting the lighting requirements in modern buildings, improving the quality of the lighting environment, but also effectively saving energy. Reducing the maintenance cost and operating cost of the lighting system helps to simplify the intelligent management of the lighting system, simplify the maintenance operation, and flexibly adapt to future lighting layout and control mode changes, and improve the technical and technological content of the lighting design.

System characteristics

1, reliability

Each control module has independence, that is, it does not lose the built-in parameter information due to power failure, does not affect the normal control function, and effectively improves the fault tolerance of the system.

2, scalability

The system has a standard protocol interface reserved for system expansion at any time without changing the original line.

3, advanced

The monitoring host is equipped with a powerful ARM processor, and the data processing capability is very powerful. The software is developed using an open source Linux platform. These designs not only ensure the advanced nature of the system, but also have a certain degree of advancement.

4, openness

The hardware adopts modular design, the software adopts configurable design, and provides various software and hardware interfaces. The software architecture uses B/S and C/S to combine, which makes the system expansion and upgrade very convenient without changing the state of existing equipment. Open systems have great benefits for users, especially during the entire lifecycle of the system, reducing maintenance and management costs, making system reconfiguration and technology upgrades easier.

5, security

The system is designed with user authentication system and log system to prevent illegal access. The system has strict user management verification strategy to ensure legal login. The whole system design is safe and reliable while meeting various functions.

6, manageability and maintainability

Lighting facility management and maintenance through a convenient and friendly graphical interface system.

System composition and principle

In the traditional lighting circuit architecture, the lighting device and the switch are connected in series in the power line, and the current of the lighting device is turned on or off by the user operating the switch, and in the intelligent lighting control system, the user does not have to directly operate the switch, but The lighting module is set by the terminal module or the control signal is sent to the monitoring center system software through the mobile terminal, and the central controller receives the central command to realize the transmission and reception of data on the power line, thereby controlling the lighting device. The system consists of a monitoring center, a centralized controller, a control module, and lighting equipment.

All instructions are manually input into the lighting strategy through the monitoring center system software, and then through the power system's unique communication method "power carrier" communication, which is a technology that uses existing power lines to transmit analog or digital signals at high speed. The technology is applied to modern smart homes to realize data returning services such as lighting control, electrical control and automatic meter reading in smart homes. The biggest feature is that there is no need to re-arrange the network, as long as there are wires, data can be transmitted. The centralized controller is responsible for forwarding a control signal containing the target address sent by the center to the power control line, and the control module of the illumination device receives the control signal, and after determining the address, the corresponding lighting device receives the signal and performs A response is made to utilize power line communication so that lighting devices connected to any location on the power line can be remotely intelligently controlled.

Unfinished: For more information, please refer to the February issue of Gaogong LED's "LED Good Products" magazine.

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