Insight into the three major technology giants developer conference artificial intelligence rose to new heights

At the turn of the spring and summer, Microsoft, Facebook and Google have hosted global developer conferences. With their extraordinary influence in the technology industry, the Big Three will bring together developers from all over the world to communicate the latest developments. Ideas and release new products, services, and technologies.

For the layman of the tech circle, it's not easy to identify three different developer conferences: the same venue, the same crowded, noisy and excited crowd, the same subject full of engineer culture and programmer thinking Speech. Those who have a little knowledge of the technology industry may only be able to determine which conference is going on by identifying the company logo on the floor.

For those in the technology circle, the developer conference is of great significance to the development of the industry. Because the giant-type enterprises are at the helm of the development direction of the industry, and not understanding the next move of the giants means that the future will develop with the industry. The trend is out of touch.

The developer conference is also the arena where the giants are in different time and space. The giants are also paying close attention to the competitors' every move, and consider their next move: in which areas need to consolidate the city, and in which areas need to catch up. .

Insight into the three major technology giant developer conferences, artificial intelligence rose to new heights

Artificial intelligence has undoubtedly become the top priority of this year's developer conference. The three giants are emphasizing the further intelligence of the application, making the cold equipment more "understand" people, and the interaction between people and equipment becomes more instinctive and intuitive.

In another focus area of ​​virtual reality, the three giants continue to exert their strength: Facebook emphasizes the application of virtual reality in the social field, Google launches the Daydream virtual reality platform based on the new generation of Android system, and strives to create a new ecosystem, Microsoft has another way Choosing the augmented reality field, its product Hololens has a higher exposure at this year's developer conference, and also emphasizes the open platform to give full play to the infinite imagination of developers.

Overall, this year's developer conference, several giants continue to deepen their respective areas of strength, while the trend of business penetration is more obvious, Google launched a new live chat tool, want to start a new round of instant messaging competition with Facebook, In addition to building an ecosystem around the next-generation operating system, Windows 10, Microsoft also emphasizes "conversation" as the next round of human-computer interaction.

The emphasis on artificial intelligence has risen to a new height

It is no doubt that artificial intelligence will become the commanding height of the future industry. In recent years, there has been an explosive development in the field of artificial intelligence research. Shen Xiangyang, executive vice president of Microsoft, believes that the main reason is "two big ones," big data, big calculations, Plus a precise algorithm.

Specific to the information revealed at several major developer conferences, major companies have reached a new level of research on artificial intelligence and specific application to the product.

At the F8 Developers Conference this year, Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, clearly listed artificial intelligence as an important part of Facebook's development planning strategy for the next 10 years, specifically to natural language, visual identity, and logical planning. In the speech, he described the exciting applications that the future machine can accurately identify images, voices, and diagnose diseases. However, the most exciting thing that Facebook is currently doing is the intelligent application based on the instant messenger Facebook Messenger. It is mainly carried out in the form of a smart chat robot.

At this year's developer conference, Microsoft also emphasized the importance of intelligent dialogue robots as a specific application in the field of artificial intelligence. Microsoft CEO Nadella pointed out that every web page and every app should have its own robot (Bot) in the future. Shen Xiangyang believes that in the next three to five years, computer speech recognition will be better than humans. Even in a noisy environment, visual recognition will be better than humans within five to ten years.

For Google, its CEO Pachai’s recent public statement revealed what Google believes is the current position of large companies in artificial intelligence. At the Code Conference held last week, Pichay said that Google is generally in a leading position. He said that Google gradually realized that artificial intelligence will be an inflection point in the future development of the industry about three to four years ago. Google has a long time in the field of artificial intelligence research, and it has a lot of accumulation, which is certain compared with other competitors in the industry. The advantages.

In terms of its most advantageous search business, Pichai believes that artificial intelligence is the process of “natural evolution” after the search has developed to a certain extent.

At Google’s IO Developers Conference this year, Google demonstrated the specific application of artificial intelligence in its search and advertising products. It can be seen that the search for artificial intelligence technology has made search results more relevant. And also has the function of contextual semantic association.

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