Inverter air conditioners ushered in the policy, the market is expected to grow substantially

Click here to view all news photos Since the date of listing, inverter air conditioners have been detached from the policy door. Recently, the policy dawn has finally been ushered in. The National Development and Reform Commission has released the “National Key Energy Conservation Technology Promotion Catalogue” (third batch) (hereinafter referred to as "catalog"), electronic expansion valve frequency conversion energy-saving technology is included

At present, flat Zinc bar is the ideal material for the zinc static and dynamic balance block of vehicle wheel, with good corrosion resistance.

Excellent mechanical properties,elongation is up to 20% or more,the yield of balance pieces stamping is high.

Product specification: Ñ„19mm(width)*2.65mm(thick)

Product packing: 30-150kgs(special packaging specifications can be negotiated)

Flat Zinc Bar

Flat Zinc Bar,Anode Zinc Bar,Galvanized Zinc Flat Bar,Zinc Coated Steel Flat Bar

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