Jilin promotes efficient lighting products

Energy conservation and emission reduction has become the main policy of the current Chinese government. The promotion of high-efficiency lighting products as an important support point for energy conservation policies can be described as benefiting the country and the people. In 2008, China used financial subsidies for the first time to promote the popularization of energy-saving lighting products. The first batch of high-efficiency lighting products promoted nationwide reached more than 60 million.

The promotion of high-efficiency lighting products is a popular project for benefiting the country, benefiting the people and benefiting enterprises. Philips Lighting actively supports and cooperates with the Chinese government, and takes advantage of the sales and after-sales service network throughout the country, and actively chooses second- and third-tier cities for green lighting. Promotion, deep into the people, successfully completed the promotion task, reflecting the brand style of Philips actively taking social responsibility.

With the launch of the first batch of high-efficiency lighting products, the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products in Jilin Province has produced fruitful results. In this project, Jilin is one of the largest areas in the area of ​​Philips Lighting, responsible for a total of 2 million energy-saving lamps and T8 lamps. Jilin Province promoted through special promotion conferences, in-depth promotion of residents' communities, and the establishment of direct sales points. These three programs are combined to promote high-efficiency lighting products, so that the majority of Jilin residents can truly enjoy the benefits brought by green lighting.


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