LED dealer business: brand + layout

[Source: LED Engineering's "LED lighting channel" 2013 the fourth period (total of 40) reporter / concise Full]

Vigorously choose the brand

In the case of poor market sentiment, dealers can only find their own way. It is very important for the dealer to choose the brand to be represented, which will ultimately determine the sales of the product in the market, and also determine the success or failure of the dealer.

Brand awareness and product price positioning must match local consumption levels. It can be said that choosing a good brand is a necessary condition to ensure that dealers are in a favorable position in the competition.

In order to choose a good brand, the dealers have worked hard to run exhibitions and field inspections in the country. Manager Luo said that he has to travel to more than 10 exhibitions in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu and other places at least one year a year to find and screen manufacturers that can cooperate.

Although he was tired, he actually found the right brand from the exhibition. In addition, through the exhibition, the market information is better understood, and the market and trends of the lighting market are known, which has laid a certain foundation for him to expand his business.

The reporter observed in several interviews in Shenzhen's LED lighting market that despite the lack of popularity in the store, many dealers chose to oppose the brand and chose the right business ideas, so they got a piece of cake in the fierce competition.

According to Xie Fengmei, manager of Jiamei Times Lighting, the brands they represent are mainly LED engineering lights, and are well-known brands in engineering lighting. Engineering customers are the main customers of their stores.

She told reporters that the owner of their store had engineering client resources, so they found several brands with better engineering lighting in the industry for comparison and detailed analysis, and finally chose Jiamei as their agent brand.

Thanks to the support of old customers, several new customers are discovered every year. The profit of engineering lighting is considerable. Therefore, the total sales of their stores can be maintained at more than 200,000 yuan per month.

Find products with multiple channels

Many well-made dealers have both LED home lighting products and engineering lighting products, and they also have an advantage in brand competition in the fierce market competition. These all help dealers stand out in the fog of the market.

The reporter encountered an example in Guoanju and is more representative. According to General Manager Liu of a store's general distributor, he has been a LED lighting distributor for many years and has been acting as a well-known brand in the industry.

Because there are more dealings with manufacturers, many manufacturers' CEOs and his brothers and sisters, so he has a wider supply of goods, and the quality of the supply is more assured, which ensures that his business is done more than other dealers. Big, and more profit. Although the popularity of the store is not strong, their business is not affected at all.

When dealers want to make breakthroughs in the market, they must grasp the advantages in their hands and open up various channels. Only when the channel construction path is passed, it is possible to serve the old customers well and attract more new customers.

Considering the distribution point

In another store in Shenzhen, although the store rent is not low, but the basics of the first floor can guarantee profit, so there are very few dealers on the first floor who want to leave. On the contrary, there are many dealers on the second and third floors who are consulting on how to squeeze down the first floor. The shops on the second floor and the third floor are indeed a lot of business, and many dealers are born to care.

It can be seen that the distribution of dealers is a relatively important link. The reporter found that the store layout of many well-known brand dealers is easy to cover the surrounding area, and doing business with half the effort.

Many well-made dealers have made careful and reasonable considerations when they shop, including the location of the store and the surrounding radiation. Therefore, the shop rents are often similar, but the business of others is obviously better.

Every year, a group of dealers fall, and more dealers enter the LED lighting industry and become new employees. This is the process of the market big waves. Only dealers who are good at business can stay, and dealers who are good at business often have superiorities in the choice of agent brands, the layout of selling points, and the layout of channels.

In short, dealers should first choose the brand that suits their own agents. While grasping the key customers, they also meet the diversified product needs of new customers. At the same time, considering the layout of the dealerships, the distribution ideas are clearer and therefore more The ability to get out of the downturn in the end market.

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