LED display and other items purchase inquiry letter

Title: LED display and other items purchase inquiry letter Tender No.: Inquiry 2009045 Announcement date: May 25, 2009 Deadline: May 27, 2009 Tender agency: Province: Jiangsu Province - Taizhou Content: According to Jiang Zhengcai [1998] Spirit of No. 115, "Notice on Conducting the Centralized Purchase of Automobiles and Other Articles", centralized procurement of bulk items such as automobiles purchased by administrative and public institutions. Some items need to be purchased now (see the inquiry list for details). Please read the following terms carefully and quote the price as required.
1. The procurement bidding center organizes relevant personnel to conduct evaluation according to the principle of legal operation, guaranteed service, value for money, and low price priority, and determines one supplier or several suppliers for the products purchased in the quotation list.
2. When the quotation person quotes, the quotation deposit should be paid to the procurement center, and the quotation margin is 2% of the quotation, otherwise the quotation is invalid. The supplier of the goods must be delivered to the door, including transportation, installation and commissioning, maintenance and other costs.
3. Once the quotation person is determined to be the supplier, the quotation margin is transferred to the performance bond. If the quoting party fails to perform the contract as quoted, the deposit will be forfeited or processed in accordance with the terms of the contract.
4. The quotation person should seal the quotation deposit and the quotation letter to the procurement center before the stipulated time, and indicate the inquiry letter number on the back of the envelope. The foreign servant can't deliver the fax at the specified time. The overdue quotation procurement center will not Accepted.
5. The supplier of the goods shall sign a contract with the user within three days after receiving the notice and deliver it to the purchasing center for storage. The supplier of the goods must organize the supply according to the contract and send the legal bill to the user for acceptance.
6. The payment center of the Finance Bureau shall, with the acceptance certificate signed by the use unit and the contract terms issued by the procurement center, settle the payment with the supplier according to the terms of the contract, and the procurement center and the purchaser will not bear any other expenses.
7. The supplier pays the procurement center a purchase management fee of 0.4% of the total contract price.
8. Jiangyan Municipal Government Procurement Center Address: Room 306, 3rd Floor, Jiangyan City Administrative Service Center, Bank Account Opening Bank: Jiangsu Rural Cooperative Bank Tongda Sub-branch, Receiving Unit: Jiangyan City Extra-budgetary Funds Settlement Center, Receiving Unit: Jiangyan City Government Procurement Center

Equipment requirements list:

First, LED multimedia display (monochrome screen)
1. Point spacing: 4.75MM × 4.75MM.
2, the light-emitting device: contains a red light-emitting tube, the center point spacing is 4.75MM.
3. Display resolution: 640 columns × 416 columns, counting 266240 pixels.
4. Display size: The net display part is 3M long, 2M high, and the net display area is 6 square meters.
5, border width: 50MM
6. Frame size: The display frame is 3.14 meters long and 2.1 meters high.
7. Screen structure: The screen body adopts steel frame structure, and the outer frame is covered with matt brushed stainless steel. The thickness of the whole screen is less than 100MM.

Second, technical parameters, specifications
1, brightness: ≥ 600cd / m2
2, vertical viewing angle ≥ 50 degrees
3, horizontal viewing angle ≥ 90 degrees
4, between pixels: 4.75MM
5, out of control points: less than the national standard
6, pixel density: 44332 points / m2
7, color type: single red
8, screen update: 120 frames / sec
9, the service life: >100000 hours
10. Average trouble-free working time: >10000 hours
11, working humidity: 20% - 90%
12, working temperature: -20----+65 degrees Celsius
13, working voltage: 380V/220V
14, power consumption: 600 watts / square meter (maximum)
15, control mode: asynchronous control

Third, other
1. 1 set of display control card
2, dedicated playback software 1 set
3. The installation location is Jiangyan District
4. One week after the contract is signed, it will be installed in place.
5, the product passed 3C certification
6, two years warranty

Fourth, the quotation requirements
1. The quotation includes all costs such as installation, commissioning, taxes, etc.
2. The quotation unit must be a professional manufacturer of LED display or an authorized distribution unit of the manufacturer. If the distribution unit quotes, it must provide the manufacturer's authorized distribution certificate. Company Name: Jiangyan City Government Procurement Center Contact: Liu Jian Tel: E-mail: Fax: 0523-82517889 Postal Code: Address:

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