LED filament packaging technology and prospect analysis

LED filament
Figure 1: LED filament and 360-degree full-circumferential bulb
LED lamp beads
Figure 2: Ordinary LED lamp beads and candle lights
This is the LED filament, a new LED package form, and the most popular LED products. It can be used to make LED bulbs in the same shape as incandescent lamps , which can easily achieve 360-degree full-circumference.
LED filament package is a kind of technological innovation. We know that the common LED lamp bead is a single chip with a voltage of 3.0V fixed in the plastic holder cup, and then dispensed, that is, PLCC package. The LED filament is a plurality of chips fixed in series on the glass substrate, and then is completed by compression molding. The LED filament has the characteristics of small current and high voltage, which effectively reduces the heat generation of the LED and the cost of the driver, and has outstanding advantages.
The LED filament process is usually carried out by placing 28 0.02W 1016 LED chips in series on a 38mm long, 1.5mm diameter glass substrate, and then performing a top-of-the-line fluorescent glue. The LED filament is driven by 10mA current, the voltage is 84V, the power is 0.84W, the luminous flux is 100lm, and the luminous efficiency can reach 120lm/W. If it is matched with the red chip, the color rendering index can reach above 95, and it has excellent photoelectric performance.
LED filament process diagram
Figure 3: LED filament process diagram
LED filament bulb
LED light bulbs can be used to make a variety of small and medium power LED bulbs or candle lights. Usually four LED filaments are used. Two strings and two LED bulbs or candle lamps with a power of 3.6W can be designed. With a luminous flux of 400 lm, it can replace the 40W incandescent bulb.
candle light
Figure 4: Candle Lights and Effects
The incandescent lamp factory can use the existing technology and assembly line to produce LED filament bulbs, design the connection of LED filaments with the original glass bracket of incandescent lamps; special glass with high transmittance of incandescent lamps and automatic blowing glass bulbs Production technology, design and production of bulbs that resemble incandescent lamps, which can produce LED filament bulbs with good cost performance.
LED filament bulb cost
LED lamp filament from the filament LED, power supply, lamp posts glass holder, glass bubbles, standard lamp several hardware components, in addition to these LED structures other filament material is low cost, material cost is not high. The highest cost now is the LED filament, which is mainly due to its complicated production process (high cutting cost) and low production efficiency (low automation), which leads to its cost. At present, 3.6W filament bulb, BOM cost can be controlled below 15 yuan, of which LED filament cost is 11.2 yuan (2.8 yuan / root). Nowadays, major packaging factories at home and abroad are developing LED filaments, and the cost reduction trend is very fast. It is estimated that it will take less than 1 yuan/root.
LED filament light foreground
LED filaments have excellent performance, making it easy to produce 360-degree full-circumferential luminescent bulbs, with the same shape and light distribution curve of incandescent lamps, which is the ideal light source to replace white blazing. Moreover, the production process of the bulb lamp is simple, and the material cost is low. As the LED filament packaging process is improved, the cost thereof is lowered, and the cost of the LED filament bulb lamp will also rapidly decrease. Nowadays, countries have introduced regulations or plans to ban (sale) incandescent lamps. Once the white light below 60W is banned, the market demand for LED filament bulbs will increase explosively.
Dear old uncles, once you have disabled the incandescent lamp that has been used for more than 100 years, please don't worry, the LED filament bulb can still continue to play the classic of incandescent lamp.

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