LED no package technology is not yet mature

With the development of LED lighting, more and more companies are entering the LED industry. In 2012, the number of companies involved in LED packaging in China increased from 1,700 in 2011 to 1,750; the number of LED application companies in China exceeded 10,000, and more than 75% of traditional lighting companies have begun to involve LED lighting products.
On the one hand, it reflects the expansion of the LED industry and the prosperity of the market, and on the other hand, it reflects the increasingly fierce competition in the LED industry. In the context of fierce competition, many companies have no time to consider the quality of products in order to seize the market price war. “There is no minimum, only lower. Many foreign businessmen can casually say this mantra that describes the current market situation. If the customer just talks about the price with us, then we also know that there is basically no talk. Some manufacturers on the market. In the name of using the chip chip, the lamp beads produced by the chip are sold cheaply, but the chips produced by other manufacturers are used. The most worry about the behavior of selling dog meat, which creates a bad competitive environment for the industry. Competition by price and deception is a kind of bad competition, and it is necessary to be responsible for the products used by customers, so as to form an orderly and benign competition.
No packaging technology is not mature. In the packaging industry, the traditional packaging products are constantly being introduced. At the same time, some packaging parts are omitted, and the advantages of small size, high brightness, good light source concentration, high reliability, and flexible optical control are combined. Chip-level packaging technology is also gradually entering the industry vision. LED manufacturers in Taiwan and China have begun to invest in R&D for chip-scale packaging related products.
This technology may be a trend, but it is still immature at present. Most of the unpackaged chips are currently flip-chip (Flip-Chip) and flip-chip packaged chips. Due to the flip-chip, the precision required for die bonding is required. higher. On the other hand, the precision of the components and equipment of the chip will have higher requirements, and this is still immature at present.
According to industry insiders, since unpackaged chips are mostly flip-chip, once they are popularized, most of the equipment in the packaging factory cannot be used. The process of the packaging factory is also a problem. At the beginning, the yield is difficult to reach the expected value.
It is understood that the current traditional semiconductor equipment manufacturers have special equipment for Flip-Chip, and a few equipment factories including Cui Tao in China have been involved. A deputy general manager of a equipment manufacturer broke the news to reporters. The equipment is up to several million each, and the current price of a package line is about 1 million.
LED chip scale packaging also requires a process to form a stable supply, and this technology is not currently optimistic. First of all, the materials must be kept up, the technology is advanced, the market is vast, and no materials are empty talk; on the other hand, the process must be mature.

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