LeTV 3 X43 VS PPTV-43P feature configuration comparison evaluation

LeTV 3 X43 and PPTV-43P: Configuration

In terms of hardware, LeStra 3 X43 is equipped with a powerful 4-core CPU of the Mstar chip, with 2GB of large memory, to ensure smooth operation of the Super 3 X43 system, and smooth game operation; 4-core GPU, MACE-PRO image processing engine, to create beautiful static painting Quality, clear motion picture, extreme screen game screen experience. In terms of sound effects, the LeTV 3 X43's dual speakers support Dolby DD+ technology to achieve 5.1-channel audio + Dolby/DTS head-picture decoding coaxial output, sound quality and soft, restore the beauty of the sound. Professional audio processor, a clear and pure sound quality effect, and virtual surround technology, so that when you see a large movie, it is like being on the scene.

PPTV-43P uses 64bit quad-core A53 processor, equipped with Mstar's 6A828 chip, and Mali-450 quad-core high-end image processing configuration. And PPTV-43P built-in 2GB high-speed DDR3 memory, Bluetooth 4.0 template, 8GB eMMC 5.0 flash memory, eMMC uses MMC standard interface, the high-density NANDFlash and MMCController packaged in a BGA chip, with low complexity, high integration, low wiring Difficulty and strong stability.

LeTV 3 X43 and PPTV-43P: Quality

LeTV 3 X43 uses imported LGD full HD LCD panel, clear and delicate screen, true color reproduction. High light transmission technology provides faster response and excellent dynamic resolution. At the same time, Le Super 3 X43 uses the top image processing engine MACE-PRO, bringing a clear, high-definition experience. Through a series of innovative technologies, it can eliminate the noise of television or network video, remove the details and colors lost in the transmission of video signals, thereby improving the quality of the picture, fully recovering the details of the content, and restoring the natural and detailed image world. In addition, LeTV 3 X43 also supports a new generation of H.265 format video hard decoding, can play the corresponding encoding format of online video, allowing you to have a higher quality, clearer, smoother video experience in the same bandwidth. The local video playback capability is also as strong and supports high-definition playback of almost all formats.

PPTV-43P built-in 2GB high-speed DDR3 memory, Bluetooth 4.0 template, 8GB eMMC 5.0 flash memory, eMMC uses MMC standard interface, high-density NANDFlash and MMCController packaged in a BGA chip, with low complexity, high integration, low wiring difficulty And strong stability.

LeTV 3 X43 and PPTV-43P: Appearance

Ultra 3 X43 ultra-narrow frame, using metal seamless bending technology, breaking the current technological limit of smart TV, giving you beyond the 43-inch visual experience. Super TV front in-breath breathing light, the overall design of the crowning touch, between a bright and a dark, add a mystery to the whole body. Unlike most dull squares in the market, the slight curvature on the base may give you a sense of our design flexibility and sophistication.

4.8mm ultra-narrow frame design, 15mm ultra-thin screen, piano paint frame, metal brushed panel, unique aviation lead V-type base, the originality of PPTV-43P, let it have more texture, raise the height of your living room grade.

LeTV 3 X43 and PPTV-43P: System UI Design

The intelligent system allows each super TV to have powerful functions. It is based on advanced Android systems and is optimized for powerful hardware performance. It also skillfully integrates advanced technologies. Beautiful design, simple operation, fast response, tacit understanding of the combination of hardware and software, to give you the best experience with ease of use. EUI intelligent system has a clear desktop classification, which makes it easier for you to understand and operate more easily. It has a reasonable framework to make the system more efficient and faster to respond. It has a beautiful appearance, and the new design is supplemented by a more beautiful color scheme. Fonts, layouts, and animation effects make you more enjoyable to use.

The PPTV-43P TV adopts the PPOS operating system. The PPOS operating system is an operating system independently developed by PPTV. This system is designed based on the remote control habits of the user's cross direction keys, and is easy to operate. It also provides users with a professional application store, giving users a premium experience.


Both televisions are not rich in applications. If you want to expand third-party resources, you can install an application store such as a sofa housekeeper, and then download a variety of live, on-demand, and game software at the sofa butler to achieve The purpose of television is more intelligent. Letv X43 hardware price 1899 yuan + membership fee 490 yuan -300 yuan + shipping 90 yuan = 2179 yuan, PPTV-43P TV prices clear and transparent, hardware price 1799 yuan + membership fee 360 ​​yuan = 2159 yuan, without any shipping or installation fees, In accordance with the music given by the algorithm, after playing a round of digital games, even 20 dollars more expensive than similar brands.

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