LG 34UM88C-P 34-inch 21:9 High Resolution QHD IPS Monitor

LG 34UM88C-P 34-inch 21:9 ultra widescreen high resolution IPS hard screen love eye does not flash blue LED backlight LCD monitor 5499 yuan This monitor has a 34-inch IPS hard screen, wide field of view (Field of View), 99% of the sRGB Color space, 3440*1440 high resolution, more professional color calibration. The Cinema Screen allows the player to watch full screen while playing the game, allowing the player to concentrate more on the screen and avoid distracting the traditional display due to the thicker border. Also equipped with two 7-Watt stereo Jingdong direct link to encyclopedia

Reasons to purchase

Note: The pupils do not have text cells. . The residence has been using the 19-inch display in 2011, and the host has been upgraded. (Thanks to the leadership for helping me to sample the 4790K, but the CPU is hairy! So, I bought a Z97 motherboard on the Jingdong, and the chassis led him behind. Sent a M.2), too small always wanted to change the monitor

But the monitor should I choose? Before going to the AOC factory in Fuzhou on a business trip, the factory is very large. The brands AOC you can see on the market are all basically done....

So choose the monitor you guys know.....

Recently too busy for a long time did not come to visit the mother, that night and night do not know which big mother made a discount link: LG 34UM88C-P 34-inch 21:9 high resolution IPS display 3999 yuan (deposit 99 yuan) Well In my heart, originally waiting for the curved screen to see the concessions bought directly.

Then the monitor bought no way to always have a video card (HD4600 4K only 50hz) slightly LG official watched this monitor support AMD FreeSync so look at AMD graphics card, had to support the next agricultural goods to buy the XFX RX 480 8G black wolf evolution The version (power up and down the screen is to buy a genuine AMD everyone to get used to small problems other problems do not express it.

Appearance Gallery

All of them are shot by Apple phones, and the big ones can only hold:


start using:

The game download is finally good:

experience feelings

The 1.34-inch movie is a good game, and the game doesn't want to play with pictures recently. Web browsing is not a problem.

2. The length of the built-in HD cable can be purchased separately.

3. No obvious light exposure was observed during normal use. Don't worry about it.

4. The QHD monitor's current graphics card is very cool to play (the graphics card takes a little time and the 4K monitor will become popular)

to sum up

Suggest that everyone needs a large-size display or a curved surface. The plane or 27 cannot be large, otherwise you will have to move in the corner.

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