Lingshan County, Tanzi Town People's Government, Lingshan County, Sheshan Township, Sheling Village Committee, Xiangchong to Zhongtang, and Huitouwan to Pond Road Hard Base Project Competitive...

Entrusted by the People’s Government of Tanlu Township, Lingshan County, according to the “People’s Republic of China Government Procurement Law” and other relevant regulations, it is currently hard-centered for the roads from Xiangchong to Zhongtang and Zhitouwan to the reservoir roads at Sheling Village, Tanzi Town, Lingshan County. The project conducts competitive negotiation and invites qualified suppliers to bid.

Project Name: Xiangling Village, Xiangling Town, Lingshan County
Item Number: GXZC2016-J2-SYHLS-96
First, a brief description of supplier qualification requirements:
1. The bidder must be a qualified supplier of domestic registration (referred to as required by the relevant regulations of the country) and meets the qualification requirements of the bidder as stipulated in Article 22 of the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law." ? 2. The bidder must have a qualified construction enterprise with a qualification for general contracting (including grade II) or higher or a grade of general contracting (including grade II) for municipal public works, with corresponding personnel, equipment, funds, etc. Construction ability; 3. Project Manager: Registered certificate of the construction engineer with Grade A or above, majoring in highway engineering or municipal engineering (according to the professional filled in the “Professional Category” column in the certificate of the building engineer registration); The above technical titles; hold the Class B safety production assessment certificate issued by the provincial or provincial administrative authorities; 4. The Commonwealth does not accept the Commonwealth bid.
Second, the time and place for obtaining the negotiation documents:
Time for obtaining negotiation documents: 08:00 on December 30, 2016 to 17:30 on January 4, 2017 (except weekends and holidays)

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