MOTO launches electronic pills and electronic tattoo technology

Although mobile devices are inseparable from human life, as the size of the screens used becomes larger and larger, it also causes the problem that users are not easy to carry. In order to solve this problem, many well-known manufacturers have joined the development of wearable devices, but Most of these wearable devices are worn on humans in the form of glasses, watches or bracelets. In order to allow users to more closely integrate with wearable devices, MOTO recently announced at the D11 annual conference of AllThingsD, in addition to announcing the official launch of the "MOTO X" smartphone in October this year, and also show "electronic pills" and "electronics" "Tattoo" technology.

This "electronic tattoo" technology, the appearance of a general tattoo sticker is attached to the user's skin, coupled with high ductility, even if it is attached to the joint, it can continue to function for about a week. It can be used as a personal password to shorten the verification time. To avoid any doubt about the leakage of personal privacy data. As for the "electronic pills", the appearance is only the size of a comprehensive vitamin pill, which contains a switch and a small button battery.

MOTO launches "electronic pills" and "electronic tattoos" technologies

After taking the electronic pill, the user uses the stomach acid secreted by the human body to push the pill, chemically react with the body to generate electricity, and emit an 18-bit electrocardiogram signal, as if the human body is like a large mobile sensor to further control home appliances , Cars or computers and other electronic equipment, and the pill has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration).

Regina Dugan, senior vice president of the mobile division of MOTOROLA, said that the electronic pills can monitor the body temperature and blood flow rate of patients with heart failure, and help monitor the real-time physical response of mental and dementia patients. Although the technology of electronic pills is still not mature enough, it will not be seen in the short term. As for safety considerations, this pill will not harm human health, so it is no problem for users to take a few pills a day. .

At present, the design of wearable devices on the market is still too blunt. MOTO executives further stated that wearable smart devices should be more ergonomically designed and improved, and more innovative elements should be added to make electronic wearable products It can truly move towards the true meaning of "technology always comes from human nature".

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