New energy-saving technology seminar three major recommendations

Aspect 1: Richardson Electronics proposes a new inverter and energy efficiency conversion design system to meet new energy challenges

The application of solar and wind energy challenges power technology and requires the effective combination of power electronics and intelligent control technology. Richardson Electronics has integrated a number of technology companies to propose inverter and energy efficiency conversion design systems for new energy applications. It has been successfully demonstrated and supported by many original manufacturers. This content is suitable for power and inverter design engineers, as well as solar and wind energy system design and technical management personnel.

Aspect 2: Discussion on the design of LED lighting driver with different power levels

Energy efficiency ratio is the biggest advantage of LED lighting. Although LED lighting has not been widely popularized, LED lighting with energy saving and carbon reduction is the general trend. LED lighting efficiency is improving, and choosing the LED driver is the key. ON Semiconductor continues to introduce a driver solution that covers general-purpose illumination of high-brightness LEDs in the full voltage range, enabling LED energy-saving features and new lighting solutions to be optimally achieved.

Aspect 3: Smart charging, McCann MCU makes electric bikes run farther

Due to overcharging, overdischarging, and insufficient charging, the electric bicycle battery is likely to cause a decrease in battery efficiency and a decrease in life. Taiwan McCann proposed the MCU intelligent charging scheme based on the actual situation, real-time monitoring of voltage and current, so that the charging process is carried out according to the ideal charging curve, and the battery exerts the optimal effect and saves energy.

Circuit protection and electromagnetic compatibility technology seminar two major recommendations

Aspect 1: International manufacturers support local DiiVA interface standards, explore peripheral component selection and design challenges. Murata experts will share the DiiVA interface design related solutions with listeners.

As a new "Chinese standard" HD interface, DiiVA has similar and different aspects compared to the application design of HDMI and Displayport. In order to ensure its performance in various aspects, such as data transmission, ESD, EMI, etc., there are also special requirements for peripheral passive components such as capacitors, magnetic beads, common mode turns, and ESD devices.

Aspect 2: Electromagnetic interference of single-chip system can not be ignored, new measurement methods should deal with

The problem of conducted electromagnetic interference noise of electronic equipment based on single chip microcomputer can not be ignored. Understanding the mechanism of conducted electromagnetic interference noise helps to diagnose and suppress the conducted electromagnetic interference problem of the system. The common mode component and the differential mode component of the noise are obtained by modal extraction of electromagnetic interference noise transmitted by the single chip system. Meanwhile, the internal impedance of the noise source is measured and combined with the corresponding noise mode, thereby designing a corresponding filter. To suppress the conducted electromagnetic interference noise of the system to solve the problem of conducted electromagnetic interference of the single chip system. Suzhou Taisite experts will share with you the solution of electromagnetic interference noise problem in single-chip system.


The new procurement and supply model summit two major recommendations

Aspect 1: Discussion on supplier evaluation and management trends

The theme of the summit on the afternoon of April 10 will focus on supplier management trend analysis and case sharing, and invite experts from well-known enterprises such as Huawei and IBM to analyze supplier certification and management trends to create procurement and R&D of companies such as Weiwei, Flextronics and ZTE. The manager shares the experience of supplier evaluation. Finally, a round-table discussion will be held to promote interaction between large companies and fast-growing companies, local and international companies, suppliers and customers, and practitioners and analysts. It is expected that there will be more than 150 participants, and the whole theme will highlight the interaction between netizens and experts, with educational and industry benchmark data.

Aspect 2: Sharing the supplier management survey found

The Electronic Components Technology Network will also share the just-completed supplier management survey report. This supplier management survey studies the supplier evaluation and management strategy from the conventional operation level to help you understand the current situation of the management of IC and component suppliers in China's electronic machine manufacturers and design companies, and to study the management under the financial crisis. Strategy changes.

The survey has yielded fruitful results. The supplier's survey of the lift level found that quality, price, and delivery time are the three most important considerations; and different industries and company sizes have different responses to delivery times, such as automobiles. Emerging markets such as electronics and medical electronics pay more attention to the delivery date than the consumer electronics market. More exciting discoveries, please pay attention to the on-site report release. The survey found that there is a wealth of data support and the emergence of netizens, which has practical value. The results of the survey can also help IC and component suppliers to focus on improving their services.

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