Online interactive UPS

Online interactive UPS: This is an intelligent UPS, the so-called online interactive UPS, refers to when the input mains normal, the UPS inverter is in reverse operation (that is, rectification), to charge the battery pack; When the mains power is abnormal, the inverter immediately switches to the inverter working state and converts the battery pack power into the AC output. Therefore, the online interactive UPS also has the conversion time. Compared with standby UPS, the online interactive UPS has stronger protection function, and the output voltage waveform of the inverter is better, generally a sine wave. The biggest advantage is that it has strong software functions and can be easily accessed online. UPS remote control and intelligent management. It can automatically detect whether the external input voltage is within the normal range. If there is any deviation, it can be stepped up or stepped down by the voltage regulator circuit to provide a relatively stable sine wave output voltage. And it can communicate with the computer through data interfaces (such as RS-232 serial port) for data communication. Through the monitoring software, the user can directly monitor the power supply and UPS status from the computer screen, simplifying and facilitating the management and improving the computer system. reliability. This type of UPS integrates the advantages of high efficiency of standby UPS and high quality of online UPS, but its frequency stabilization characteristics are not ideal and are not suitable for UPS power supply with constant delay.

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