Outlook for LED chip technology

Outlook for LED chip technology

In the field of LED display screens, the high density of indoor surface-mounted screens and the surface-mounted surface of outdoor outdoor screens have become the mainstream trend to meet people's increasing visual requirements such as resolution, contrast, and uniformity of display screens. Therefore, LED chips for display screens are faced with many new performance requirements: Indoor high-density screens have the characteristics of high resolution, high scanning, high refresh, and high gray levels, and LED chips are required to have various photoelectric parameters driven by small currents. Consistency, and good resistance to back pressure and overshoot currents; outdoor surface mount screens require LED chips with higher brightness, better light pattern consistency, and better temperature and humidity resistance. Huacan Optoelectronics will continue to introduce high-quality indoor (M-series) and external (S-series) display chips with upgraded performance for different market segments.

The summit forum was held on April 11th in Shenzhen Wuzhou Hotel. It was under the direction of the Electronics and Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Consumer Products Industry Division. The China Semiconductor Lighting/LED Industry and Application Alliance and the China Electronic Equipment Corporation jointly sponsored the event. The important part of the "Second China Electronic Information Expo" held during the same period. China Electronic Information Expo embodies the latest developments in the field of electronic information in China. It is an information gathering platform for electronic information industry, a display platform for achievements, and the exchange of the latest technologies; the China LED Industry Health Development Summit Forum will, as always, fully display China's semiconductor lighting. /LED industry development lineup strength, technical level and technological innovation.

The previous six forums received strong support and universal recognition from the industry. In response to the needs and hopes of the industry, the organizing committee identified the main contents of the forum as the three areas that people are most concerned about: The first is the joint innovation of the semiconductor lighting industry chain. Relevant policies and measures; Second, in 2013 lighting, video, LED display and LCD screen backlight and other industrial markets, industry development review and 2014 outlook; Third, semiconductor lighting, the newly announced standards interpretation and standard development progress.

The two-day forum highlights. Leaders of the relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will interpret the joint innovation policy measures of the LED/semiconductor lighting industry. Vice President and Secretary-General Bai Weimin of the China Electronics Industry Association will share with you the LED backlight source application field - the development of China's television industry With technical innovation, Guan Jizhen, vice chairman of the China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association and chairman of the LED Display Applications Branch, will present a report on the LED display market, industry overview, and technology trends. Chen Yansheng, vice chairman of the China Lighting Association, will review with you. Lighting industry development in 2013 and outlook for 2014.

Senior leaders from leading companies in the industry chain including Liad, Zhongyuan, Zhouming, Jianshe, Shilanmingxin, Lehman, Hisense, TCL, Dongshan Precision, Ruifeng, North Microelectronics, Zhongwei, Zhongrong, etc. The progress of the direct industry over the past year, future technological development trends and reflections on the development of the industry in the new situation.

The interpretation of semiconductor lighting standards is an important forum for the previous summit forums, and is an important platform for publicizing and implementing relevant standards. The standard experts will bring everyone's attention to the latest progress in the development of national standards for LED bulbs and straight tube lamps for general illumination and the interpretation of the latest standards concerning the reliability of LED lamps.

It is not difficult to find that this forum will focus on the joint innovation of the industrial chain of LED display screens, LCD backlights, and special equipment, aiming to cooperate with industry authorities to actively explore mechanism innovation while improving technological innovation capabilities. practice.

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