Panasonic launches the first 60-inch LCD TV to actively explore the European market

On August 31st, local time in Berlin, Panasonic exhibited the first 60-inch LCD TV "VIERA 60ET5" at the home appliance exhibition "IFA 2012". It also released the world's largest "103-inch naked-eye 3D plasma display" and moved objects. The "Interactive Multiview 3D System" that enables a more realistic 3D performance.

It is reported that in July this year, Panasonic's 37-inch LED TV market share in Europe was 10.25%, ranking third in Europe's five-nation flat-panel TVs.

Panasonic LCD TV has updated its product lineup, and has increased the number of LED TVs by 60% to 24 models. Seventeen of the 24 LED TVs meet the “Environmental A+” standard and are also in line with the European Commission’s new regulations on TV power consumption. Panasonic said that the 2012 model's power consumption has been reduced by 25% compared to last year's, and the "A+" rating among the 17 products is the highest in the industry."

Panasonic expects that by 2015, more than half of the TVs will be intelligent, and Panasonic will further strengthen smart TVs.

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