PPTV 65-inch Ares TV evaluation 3999 yuan in the end is not worth

As the center of the living room, TV can often reflect the family's style and taste. When there is enough space, the large-screen TV can show the beauty and atmosphere of the family, and it can provide a more realistic sense of presence. The big screen is already a trend in the television industry.

Recently, PPTV released its 65-inch large-screen television, code-named "God of War." It is understood that in Suning's online shopping activities, it was seized in less than half a day. In addition to the price of 3,999 yuan Bo eye, 65-inch PPTV-65C2 also rely on what points to attract users, and now streaming media network to bring you a detailed evaluation of this TV.

First, appearance

There is a PPTV LOGO in the middle of Ares's packing box, and clearly marked in the upper right corner is a 65-inch TV; in addition, an icon is displayed in the upper left corner of the box, showing that PPTV is the official partner of Liverpool Football Club in China. .

The box body adopts a locking design, which can be opened with a slight pull, but if the four locks are not opened, the box is firmly fixed.

Above the packing box, it is clearly marked with an unpacking step. It will no longer be useless due to step errors or it will do harm to TV.

There are separate foams around the TV, which can effectively prevent the TV from shaking and increase its stability.

The shape of the TV base has a figure-eight design, which has a good stability and is sufficient to steadily support a large 65-inch screen. The color of the base is black and it blends well with the entire TV.

The base pad is firmly attached to prevent sliding. However, because there was no delivery screwdriver, Xiao Bian could not find it for a while. It actually took some time. So if you can distribute a screwdriver, that's better.

The PPTV-65C2 delivered the battery of the remote controller. In this way, it can be used after the TV is installed. This avoids the trouble of using the TV as soon as possible because the home does not have a corresponding battery.

PPTV-65C2's remote control is equipped with a shopping shortcut key, mute shortcut keys, and the collection of volume, signal source and set in one of the shortcut keys, it is convenient to operate. The vertical design on the back of the remote control does not slide easily when held in the hand, and the remote control will no longer be a fingerprint collector. Because the remote controller is infrared, it cannot be remotely controlled by 360 degrees.

In addition, the specification of PPTV-65C2 is very detailed. When you have time to look at two eyes, you can master its operation skills.

With the rising purchasing power of the younger generation, the appearance of the TV has also become one of the criteria considered by users. When the TV is turned off, the black frame is integrated with the black screen, and it also shows the big screen of the God of War 65 inches. This kind of design kept the low-key classic, but also demonstrated the TV's texture and three-dimensional sense, exudes the calm and atmospheric sense of PPTV-65C2.

In the design of the back of the TV, although the PPTV-65C2 does not have a fully smooth back, it is very concise on the whole. The upper part has a neat row of heat-dissipating openings, which greatly helps the screen cooling. The central part of the TV chip and the circuit board are also provided with heat dissipation holes to ensure the TV's temperature during long-term operation.

The hole in the bottom of the TV not only can dissipate heat, but also spreads sound and has good sound quality.

The back of the jack, including HDMI, SD, USB and other jacks, and the above marked with text is particularly clear, there are AV component input, component video input, antenna / digital TV and other jacks.

Comments: PPTV-65C2 overall use of black tone, outside the increase in screen, it is very calm; outside the base of eight can well support the TV body, good heat dissipation, Xiao Bian after watching a full afternoon of TV, TV body Almost no fever situation. The stripe design on the back of the remote control not only prevents it from falling down, but also does not leave fingerprints on it.

Second, configuration

PPTV-65C2 TV uses Innolux 4K ultra-high-definition panel with a screen resolution of 38402160, which allows users to see every detail in the screen. Compared with the traditional HD resolution, the screen is more detailed and textured. In addition, PPTV-65C2 TV has MIMO dual-receiving technology, 1G memory, 8G flash memory, and can expand 64GSD card, using Mstar 6A638 chip, Mali-T720 graphics processor, processing power, to ensure a smooth playback Experience. With Dolby sound.

Comments: TV memory has always been very important, but the general TV's memory is between 1G to 8G, although PPTV-65C2 memory is 1G, but it has 64G of external expansion memory, making TV memory can be greatly increased, great The convenience of the user. In addition, the PPTV-65C2 screen resolution is 38402160, which can give users a clearer viewing experience.

Third, UI

When you purchase PPTV-65C2, you are entitled to a 3 month membership and you can enjoy exclusive member library. After turning on the TV, there will be detailed steps to lead the registration. There are two ways to register. One is to register on the PPTV official website, and the other is to directly use a third party account, such as QQ, WeChat, Weibo, etc. Third party account - Weibo login, convenient and quick.

PPTV-65C2 adopts cross interactive system, which is based on Android developed PPOS operating system, easy to operate. The UI interface of the system adopts a cross-operation mode of up, down, left and right, and the operation path is short, eliminating some unnecessary operations.

The first interface of PPTV-65C2 displays search, signal source, LIVE, PP selection, movies, TV dramas, variety shows, animation, sports, shopping, and other information to facilitate the search for your favorite programs.

Xiao Bian opened the PP selection, is playing the TV drama "Jin Jian ç¿Ž , ,", press the menu key on the remote control that there is a variety of options for selection of variety, Europe and the United States.

Surprisingly, this new PPOS operating system features an innovative "Hover UI" design that allows the UI to be hovered over the viewing content during playback, rather than blocking the entire playback content. Even if you do other operations, you won't interrupt the viewing. At the same time, you can return with one click, multi-tasking operation, and keep the user watching.

In the aspect of typography, the left side is a movie and TV program list, and the right side is a poster and a brief introduction of the selected program. The user only needs to move the selection key to the program he wants to know.

In addition, press the menu key to select the origin, type, sorting method, release time, etc. of the movie and TV series.

search for

When you already know what to look for, it is the quickest way to search. Just type in the first letter to search. Xiao Bian searched for a television show called “Xiefang Li” that he liked to watch. He also read the big ending.

Comments: PPTV-65C2 uses the new PPOS operating system, the operation is simple and easy, "floating UI" design, multi-tasking operation, without affecting the user viewing, very practical.

Fourth, content

PPTV-65C2 integrated CIBN is a broadcast control platform, covering news, film and television, open class, life, parent-child and other major aspects. In addition, it also has exclusive content of PPTV. With PPTV members, you can view member content, such as exclusive VIP, more sporting events and more.

The data compiled by Xiao Bian is as follows (statistics date is September 12, 2016)


The LIVE live broadcast on PPTV-65C2 is dominated by sporting events. Recently, during the La Liga League, the live broadcast was dominated by La Liga events. Bundesliga and other events were also broadcast live. In addition, a one-week live program listing is listed so that users can reasonably schedule their own time in advance.

Xiao Bian chose the live NFL regular season, just watched for a minute to enter the break, and there was an explanation in the live broadcast.

the film

The movie is divided into magic, action, drama and many other aspects, but it does not clearly label 4K, Dolby and other films.

Xiao Bian opened the movie “Mermaid” and watched it for a while. Overall, the picture quality was clear, and the large-screen viewing scene was more shocking.


Choosing variety shows, there are small series of favorite large-scale historical experience reality show show "Let's cross it", could not help but open and watch for a while.


In the anime content, the first is Peppa Pig, which my little niece particularly likes. Others are more popular with children, including "Little Rabbit Song", "Detective Conan", "Crayon Shinchan" and so on. . Although the children don’t know too many words, seeing the larger characters on the right side of the poster will also tell whether they are their favorite programs.

Sports events

The sports industry’s copyright fees have risen dramatically, and the sports industry has become another area where giants compete. In this battle for resources, in 2015, PPTV attracted a price of 250 million euros for five years, winning the 2015-2020 Liga In addition, PPTV focuses on the sports industry for many years and also holds top-level tournament rights such as Bundesliga, Champions League, AFC, UFC, etc. Therefore, for fans, this TV is absolutely a gospel.

Sports interface

Sports Content Classification Interface 1

Sports content classification interface 2
VIP enjoyment

After becoming a member, you can watch TV movies, sports events, etc. that VIP enjoys. Some time ago, movies such as "To Youth: You're Still Here", "Rapid Gunners, Fast Gunners," "Heaven has Armaghara," and other movies have appeared on PPTV-65C2's VIP exclusive content.

Electricity supplier

The electricity supplier of PPTV-65C2 is Suning Tesco, and the remote control also has a shortcut key to enter Suning Tesco.

Xiao Bian in the purchase of things, because there is no login, so the pop-up scan QR code quick login interface, Xiaobian mistakenly thought that only WeChat scan, do not have to register an account to log in. However, after Xiaobian used WeChat to scan the QR code, the prompt of WeChat Binding Suning Tesco appeared, but he still needed to enter the account and password of Suning Tesco to log in.

Surprisingly, after the WeChat connection, a small arrow button appears on the mobile WeChat interface. Clicking it will zoom in, and then the interface on the Suning's e-commerce APP on the TV can be operated on the mobile phone.

Xiao Bian on the spot registered mobile phone membership, began to log on the TV, tried for about 10 minutes, did not even log in, has been prompted to log in abnormally, should be the bandwidth is not enough, the speed of the network can not keep up.

Comments: PPTV-65C2 uses CIBN as the licensee, plus its own content, and its programs are rich and varied, especially sports resources, VIP enjoyment of the film and television drama is closely following the upsurge of the cinema. Only the operation of Suning's part of the e-shop made Xiaobian can not stand it. I do not know whether it is a bandwidth issue or a TV compatibility issue.

Fifth, application

The application of PPTV-65C2 includes audio and video, games, education, and life.

Xiao Bian downloaded a recommended game. Actually, the main reason was the influence of the cartoon, “The Brave Man”, so he chose this game.

The size of the video game “Bad Force” is 48.11M, and it takes about 15 seconds to install. It is very fast. For Xiao Bian this kind of acute person, the faster the better.

The operation of the video game "Bad Force" is extremely easy to use, yet it is full of mysteries. In the game, players can control the Flame Breathe, Streamer Flying Mecha, Seismic Dragons Mech, and Sky Light Phoenix. Regardless of whether it is the appearance of the mech or the skill of the mech, the picture is very good. With simple operations, you can make gorgeous and cool skill effects and use the nirvana in the cartoon to spike the enemy. It doesn't stop playing, it feels cool, and it has a lot to do with the performance of the TV.

Comments: PPTV-65C2 has a large number of applications such as life and education, and many options are available. In addition, thanks to a processor with better TV performance, it is very smooth when playing games.

According to the full experience, Xiao Bian summed up the highlights and slot points of PPTV-65C2:


1. The unpacking steps are clearly marked.

2, the remote control is equipped with a battery, and the back stripe design, will not leave fingerprints.

3, Mute shortcuts are very practical.

4. The heat dissipation function is strong, and the name of the jack is marked clearly.

5, support 64GB SD expansion, to provide more memory for the TV.

6, the screen resolution of 38402160 (4K), can give users a more clear viewing experience.

7, PPOS operating system, easy to use, "suspended UI" design, multi-task operation at the same time, very practical.

8. Diversified contents covering movies, variety shows, sports, etc., and sports content is very rich.

9. In the VIP exclusive, the movies broadcast on the cinema are very timely on television.

10. The game runs fast and is not stuck.

Slot point:

1, the remote control uses infrared, can not be 360 ​​° free operation.

2. There is no explicit labeling of 4K, Dolby, and other films.

3, perhaps the bandwidth problem, Suning Tesco can not log in.

Summary: PPTV-65C2 TV 65-inch price of 3999 yuan, the price breaks the industry bottom line, the large-screen television to the general consumer. However, low prices do not mean low allocation. PPTV-65C2 TV is not lower than your friend's product in many configurations. The product's workmanship, picture quality, and smooth operation are all excellent, which is enough to show PPTV's. Sincerity. From the perspective of the overall testing process, the performance of the PPTV-65C2 Ares TV can meet the needs of mainstream users, and the 65-inch large screen can bring even more shocking sense of presence, the price of 3999 yuan, must have moved a lot The user's heart.

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