Remote photoelectric LED lighting online testing equipment began trial sales

Yuanfang Optoelectronics announced that the company's fundraising projects are basically progressing according to plan, but because of the recent changes in the LED industry, the planning of fundraising projects required earlier requires a certain fine-tuning, and the progress of domestic sales sub-centers may be fine-tuned. In the future, we will accelerate overseas business.

In terms of new industry development, Yuanfang Optoelectronics' LED lighting online testing equipment has been successfully developed and has a certain production capacity. Now it has entered the trial sales status, and it is expected that this will become a new growth point for the company's development. Color detection equipment has mastered the basic key technologies and is further researching and developing series products and conducting layout research.

Yuanfang Optoelectronics has a certain foundation in spectrometers, especially in the spectrometer for lighting test. The spectrometer used for the detection of material components should belong to the same category of spectrometers. The basic principles are similar, but there are differences in key technologies and productization. Can not be generalized. The company has also been concerned with the technology and products of spectrometers used for the detection of substances. The media is concerned about the terahertz spectrometer, the company is only concerned and preliminary preparation.

Yuanfang Optoelectronics recently launched an equity incentive plan, which aims to mobilize the enthusiasm of the company's senior management and core technology (business) employees, and work together to manage the company.

Some indicators of the first-phase equity incentive plan are based on comprehensive considerations of various factors, and also take into account the incentive effectiveness of incentive plans for incentive targets, thus setting more reasonable corporate exercise conditions and stricter individual exercise rights. The conditions have increased the individual assessment of the incentive targets, which can not only encourage the incentive objects to contribute to the company for a long time, but also help the long-term development of the company, and enable the incentive objects to see the feasibility of their exercise. It really acts as an incentive to achieve multi-stakeholder win-win.

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