Robot system based on 3D vision technology

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, a robot system with human vision is no longer a dream in science fiction. In the future, the 3D vision system will become the standard additional equipment for the robot system, and work with the robot to create a fantastic vision. Mr. Edward Roney, Manager of Intelligent Robots and Vision Systems, Fanuc RoboTIcs, located in Rochester Hills, Mich. Explained: “With the processor provided by today ’s technology, we can actually observe multiple images and view an object. Real-time analysis of the geometry. "Fanuc has developed the first industrial integrated 3D vision system called iRVision, which has been applied to all Fanuc R-30iA robot systems. All the processes are executed by the CPU unit on the main robot, so there will be no communication delay and additional hardware will be required.

Ellison Technologies AutomaTIon of Iowa is a complete supplier of robotic systems and a technology consulting company. According to its president, Mr. John Burg, with the continuous improvement of production demand, the continuous development of production technology and the continuous increase of robot cost, In the next few years, 3D vision systems will become standard additional equipment for robotic systems.

Mr. John Burg said: "The current production technology is developing at a fast enough pace, but the price is also rising, and customers are increasingly demanding the ease of use and flexibility of the visual system." Mr. Burg believes that Fanuc The application of robots and 3D vision systems is mature, and they have worked together in a series of activities such as logistics, welding processes and machine tool parts loading and unloading processes. This technology will help to improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs and improve product quality. He explained: "One of the purposes of adopting new technology and installing new equipment is to reduce production costs in the long term."

Therefore, why is 3D vision technology more and more popular? Because as its processing power increases, the cost of processors and memory continues to decrease, programmers can do more work, not only to take an image, but also to compare it with the corresponding reference model. Some 2D visual images are based on this technology.

Development of the visual system

The robot vision system was first applied to the complete vehicle body production robot of the automobile production line. If there is no vision system, it is necessary to use special tools to process the aperture on the car body, so that the robot can know the specific position of the car body. However, after the development of the visual camera system, such expensive processing tools are no longer needed. The robot can automatically determine the exact position of the car body, and then mathematically calculate the positions of these four apertures.

As shown in Figure 2: The parts for 12 assemblies are placed on a cart, and the correct parts for each assembly are located in each slot. The FANUC M-16iB robot uses the iRVision 3DL vision system to get the cart in place.

Mr. Roney of Fanuc further explained: "From a very early age, we have realized that the use of vision systems is a good way to reduce tool costs. Processing tools are very expensive and are fixed. If the manufacturer needs to change the model in the second year, all tools must be updated. "According to Mr. Roney, after adopting visual technology, automakers can save millions of dollars in mold and fixture manufacturing annually.

The vision system uses computing technology to recognize the image, and then through training, teaches the robot to recognize things and find what they need. The image is based on a large number of pixel data. Each pixel in the series has a gray level, and then the data is analyzed through arithmetic techniques.

The robot can determine the shooting position of the image, so it can identify the location of the object and then determine its corresponding size, shape and quality; it can also change the program according to the image and algorithm, for example, different sizes of parts can use different paths , Part A will drop where Part B should fall.

Mr. David Dechow, president of Aptura Machine Visioning, located in Lansing, Mich., Explained: "A robot with a vision system will eventually be able to manipulate any type of part in any direction." The camera system or remote control camera that comes with it is used. , You can get a quick image of an object and find the relative position of the object and the robot. Mr. Jeremy Pennington, a control engineer at Guide Engineering in Ft. Wayne, Ind., Said: "The FANUC robot can then use this position data to determine the location of the object, no matter where the robot is moved to."

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