Samsung and Qualcomm will release industry-leading support for unlicensed spectrum LTE small base stations

On February 17, 2016, Seoul and San Diego , Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced today that both parties support LTE unlicensed spectrum. Small base station technology and products are designed to increase the speed and capacity of mobile networks and help operators provide consumers with a richer and better user experience.

As the number of data services and smartphone terminals grows dramatically, accommodating fast-growing data traffic and ensuring a good user experience requires more spectrum. Unlicensed spectrum LTE includes a series of key technologies that enable aggregation of licensed and unlicensed bands (eg, 5 GHz) to efficiently and timely increase network capacity and speed.

The Samsung LTE-U eFemto base station uses Qualcomm Technologies' Qualcomm FSM9955 chip. By aggregating licensed and unlicensed spectrum, Samsung LTE-U eFemto base stations can help mobile operators respond to turmoil by improving network performance in hotspots, public spaces and corporate environments, such as office buildings, shopping centers, hospitals and other public spaces and facilities. Growing mobile data needs.

The Qualcomm FSM9955 chip features cutting-edge Enhanced Carrier Sensing AdapTIve Transmission (eCSAT) for coexistence with Wi-Fi (based on the latest specifications released last October in the LTE-U Forum), designed for Wi-Fi - The unlicensed spectrum is reasonably shared in the scenario above the Fi energy detection (ED) threshold and below the threshold.

The Samsung LTE-U eFemto base station utilizes the Qualcomm FSM9955 chipset to support LTE Authorized Access (LAA) through a simple software upgrade. The LAA includes the "Listen-Before-Talk" feature required for the harmonious coexistence of Wi-Fi in some areas, becoming a global solution for introducing LTE into unlicensed spectrum. LAA is part of the 3GPP LTE Advanced Pro Release 13 specification. It will be finalized in early 2016 and is expected to be adopted quickly by global operators.

Neville Meijers, vice president of business development at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., said, "We are pleased to work with industry leader Samsung to accelerate innovation in small base stations and extend the benefits of LTE to unlicensed spectrum. Rational use of licensed and unlicensed spectrum It is critical to meeting data needs and providing the best mobile experience to end users as much as possible."

Kiho Cho, vice president of network system design labs at Samsung Electronics Networks, said, "We are very pleased to introduce innovative LTE-U technology into our small base station technology portfolio. Operators and enterprises need a combination of cutting-edge technology and affordability. Combine to meet the explosive data demands of today's 4G and future networks. Samsung LTE-U eFemto base station will enable faster data transmission, provide seamless mobility and reliable performance, while minimizing Wi-Fi interference, allowing the terminal Users benefit."

The Samsung LTE-U eFemto base station is designed to provide enterprises and operators with an easy-to-install, high-capacity, plug-and-play deployment. A single small base station can support three sets of 20 MHz carriers across the licensed and unlicensed spectrum, providing peak download throughput of up to 450 Mbps.

The 2016 World Mobile Congress will be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain from February 22-25. During this period, Qualcomm booth (3E10 booth 3) and Samsung booth (2M10 booth 2) will showcase Samsung with Qualcomm FSM9955 chipset. LTE-U eFemto base station.

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