Shandong Yantai high-efficiency lighting product promotion subsidy program will be introduced soon

Before the end of September, Yantai City, Shandong Province will promote 1.01 million high-efficiency lighting products in the city by means of financial subsidies, including 1 million compact fluorescent lamps and 10,000 double-ended straight fluorescent lamps. And in 2 years, in the city to create 150 provincial-level efficient lighting products promotion demonstration village.

Urban and rural residents can purchase the high-efficiency lighting products that promote the city's high-efficiency lighting products at half price including: Yantai Hongyu Lighting Co., Ltd., Zhenjiang Qiangling Electronics Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Oupu Lighting Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yaming Bulb Factory Co., Ltd., etc. Lighting companies. According to the bid-winning agreement, the winning bidder will sell the winning bidding product at the price after the supply price minus the financial subsidy fund, that is, the winning bidder will sell to the bulk user at 70% of the bidding agreement, and sell it to 50% of the bid-winning agreement price. Urban and rural residents.

According to the agreement, the quality assurance period provided by each promotion enterprise to the bulk users and resident users shall not be less than 1 year and 2 years respectively, and the on-site installation service shall be organized according to the promotion plan. In order to ensure the transparency of the promotion activities, after the promotion project is over, the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission and the Municipal Finance Bureau will check and accept the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products and the actual number of installations, and verify the relevant information of the financial subsidy fund application report submitted by the promotion enterprise. Summary report.

Expanded to the school mall This year's efficient lighting products promotion time: from early July to early September. The key areas for promotion are selected to use concentrated, demanding schools, hotels, public institutions, hospitals, commercial large-scale residential communities and rural areas, and key enterprises with relatively concentrated replacement of lighting products.

The school includes colleges, secondary schools, vocational schools and some basic education schools; hotels include three-star hotels and business hotels; public institutions include the use and partial use of financial institutions, institutions and organizations; shopping malls include large retail stores And large supermarkets; key enterprises include electronics, textiles, food and other enterprises and some large enterprises that are in the state of relocation.

According to the relevant regulations, if the product is promoted to large users, the promotion enterprise shall sign a supply agreement with the bulk user, and after the installation is completed, the user shall confirm and seal the product; if the product is promoted to the resident user, the household registration shall be completed after the installation is completed, and The community neighborhood committee and the administrative village committee shall confirm the seal and retain the original confirmation.

Create 150 demonstration villages to do a good job of promoting financial subsidies for efficient lighting products. The Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, the Finance Bureau, and the Agricultural Bureau will launch the “Efficient Lighting Product Promotion Model Village” in rural areas, and strive to use the city's high-efficiency lighting products for 2 years. The number of demonstration villages has reached 150.

According to the current promotion of lighting products in the city, Yantai City has identified the first “Efficient Lighting Product Promotion Model Village” in Qixia. The relevant departments have developed detailed creation measures and plans, clarified responsibilities, and implemented them step by step to ensure that the creation criteria are met. During the establishment of the demonstration village, the relevant departments will also determine the special person responsible for the creation of the “effective lighting product promotion demonstration village”, help the demonstration village to solve the difficulties encountered in the creation, check and urge the implementation of the implementation of various measures, and promote the construction of the demonstration village. Work is carried out in depth.

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