Shida expects Q1 loss to be less than 3 million yuan

Shiyida (002137) released its first quarter 2014 results forecast on Friday (March 28). The company expects the loss in the first quarter to be less than 3 million yuan. In the same period of 2013, the company's profit was 1,726,700 yuan.

Shiyida said that in the case of a sharp and rapid decline in traditional EMS business in 2013, the company vigorously promoted strategic transformation and adjusted its business priorities.

During the reporting period, the revenue and profit of the LED lighting business were significantly improved compared with the same period of last year. The traditional EMS business contraction adjustment effect was basically in line with expectations, and the profitability improved significantly. Therefore, although the performance is expected to be slightly reduced during the reporting period, the company's transformation effectiveness has already appeared.

Solar Street Lights are raised light sources which are controlled by solar powered boards commonly mounted on the lighting structure or coordinated into the shaft itself. The sunlight based boards charge a battery-powered battery, which controls a fluorescent or LED light during the night. There are two types of solar light generally in the lighting market which called all in on solar street light and split solar street light.

Features of solar street lights: A modern solar street light has embedded solar panel, inbuilt lithium-ion batteries, battery management system, night and motion sensors as well as automatic controls. The fully automatic device comes with LEDs, inbuilt and replaceable Lithium-ion battery and passive infrared (PIR) sensors. A typical solar street light is weather-proof and water-resistant, has low insect attraction rate and low glare and has a longer life.

Advantages of solar street light: 

Environmental protection: solar energy is green, clean and renewable energy. And the widely using of the solar lights can low down the emmision of the carbon dioside.

Cost less to save money: Since the solar lights can be 100% energy, zero electric bill will be paid after the customers install the solar lights. And customers can also save the cost in wire trench.

More easy installation: Does not like electric lights, there is no need wire trench for solar light installation. Everyone can install the solar lights in a very shorten time.

more safe: Solar lights is DC low voltage compared to dangerous 110-220V AC electric power, it does not harm to human.

Solar Street Lights

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