SonyLED new product launch conference is expected to benefit from the Taiwanese factory

On March 9, Taiwan's Sony (Sony) held a new BRAVIA TV product launch conference in Taiwan, launching a series of light and energy-saving LED TVs. The company said it is expected to be in sync with the time to market in Japan. The company's BRAVIA TV's global shipment target in 2010 is 25 million units, of which LED and 3D models will be the driving force for product growth, and optimistic about China, Brazil, India and other markets.

Sony pointed out that the Taiwan market has high acceptance of LED models. Take BRAVIA as an example. In 2009, nearly half of the shipments were for LED TVs. Now, 10 new products are launched, which is expected to increase the proportion of LED products.

In 2009, Sony's purchase amount to Taiwan was about 12 billion US dollars. Taiwan is already the largest purchasing base of Sony Group, accounting for 30% of the total purchase amount, and will increase year by year. The release will be expanded in 2010, and the amount is expected to exceed $10 billion.

Sony said that after disposing of the Mexican factory, the proportion of TV OEMs in 2010 will increase from nearly 20% in 2009 to over 40%, and global shipments are estimated to be 2,000 to 25 million units. It is expected that Taiwanese foundries will benefit.

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