Symmetricom launches new product series for synchronizing small base stations and LTE networks

May 15, 2013-Symmetricom®, Inc. (NASDAQ: SYMM), a global leader in accurate time and frequency technology, today launched the new Edge Master Clocks series, which is specifically designed to support 3G and 4G / LTE networks Designed for small base station deployment. Symmetricom TImeProvider® 2700 and 2300 Edge Master Clocks are the industry's first optimized synchronization solutions that provide accurate time at the edge of the network, support the deployment of small base stations and improve the mobile service experience for end users.

The Cisco® Virtual Network Index (VNI) new report on mobile traffic points out that global mobile traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 66% over the next five years, and will increase by a factor of 13 by 2017. To support the growing demand for mobile data, major wireless operators are deploying small base stations to increase capacity and coverage in densely populated areas of metropolitan areas such as sports venues, shopping, and dining areas.

Jennifer Pigg, vice president of Yankee Group, said: "The advent of small and medium base stations in mobile networks has increased the complexity of synchronization. The synchronization of small base stations must meet the small precision tolerances specified by the standard, which is also required to meet the end user service delivery . Moving the master clock function to the edge of the network will help meet what mobile operators say is very important for improving service delivery and performance at the edge of the network, and the edge of the network needs the most bandwidth. "

Mobile operators have benefited greatly from the deployment of small base stations, which not only provide end users with wider coverage and higher capacity, but also make the most efficient use of scarce spectrum resources. Accurate timing and synchronization ensure higher network capacity and wider coverage, and are critical to the successful deployment of small base stations.

Dror Nemirovsky, head of Nokia Siemens Networks, said: "Small base stations are necessary to increase capacity and expand coverage, because customers with large data needs have always been inseparable from data in their mobile lives. Symmetricom Edge Master Clocks have improved Our customer ’s investment in TImeProvider 5000 enables Nokia Siemens Networks to meet the operator ’s requirements for higher network performance when deploying LTE. "

TImeProvider 2700 and 2300 Edge Master Clocks are IEEE 1588 (PTP) synchronization solutions designed to meet the needs of small base stations in the current network by placing a super master clock at the edge or attachment of the network, or by placing advanced boundary clocks for the network at specific points Deployment requirements. They enable operator networks to meet the stringent LTE-TDD and LTE-A frequency and phase synchronization requirements without replacing existing equipment in the backhaul network. In frequency-synchronized networks (LTE-FDD and 2G / 3G), the deployment of Edge Master Clocks can avoid the time problems caused by backhaul networks and the high packet delay environment inherent in carrier Ethernet.

TImeProvider 2700 and 2300 Edge Master Clocks provide service reliability, deployment flexibility, and unified manageability. The multi-sync feature ensures service continuity in the event of loss of one or more primary sync signals or poor GNSS signals. The solution is also optimized for small and large network deployments, and its licensing options can support 8 to 64 base stations and / or small base stations, enabling network upgradeability. The Symmetricom clock is managed by TimePictra®, a connected management system that enables end-to-end viewing of the entire synchronous network.

With TimeProvider 2700 and 2300 Edge Master Clocks, service providers can benefit from their existing investments in the industry-leading TimeProvider® 5000 Grandmaster and TimePictra management systems. TimeProvider 2700 and 2300 support frequency and phase synchronization at the edge of the network, which is the key to the successful deployment of small base stations, and provides the industry's first end-to-end synchronization solution for small base stations and LTE networks.

The Edge Master Clocks in the new series include:

TimeProvider 2700 Edge Grandmaster Clock:

Reference Master Clock (PRTC), which meets G.8272 performance requirements

Allow G.8275.2 partial path support

Flexible input: GPS / GLONASS, PTP, T1 / E1, SyncE

Output: PTP, T1 / E1, SyncE, 1PPS ToD

TimeProvider 2300 Edge Boundary Clock:

Partial path support, in line with G.8275.2

No need to carry GPS / GLONASS everywhere

Flexible input: PTP, T1 / E1, SyncE

Output: PTP, T1 / E1, SyncE, 1PPS ToD

Manish Gupta, vice president of marketing and business development at Symmetricom, said: "Small base station synchronization is a multi-faceted challenge that requires an innovative approach. TimeProvider 2700 and 2300 Edge Master Clocks are designed to meet the scalability of synchronizing small base stations at the edge of mobile networks. Designed for performance, performance, reliability and cost. "

Through the IEEE 1588 solution deployed in more than 150 networks around the world and the industry-leading SyncWorld® ecosystem plan, Symmetricom is committed to providing the industry's most comprehensive 3G and 4G / LTE network synchronization solution.

To learn more about Symmetricom's TimeProvider 2700 and 2300 Edge Master Clocks, please visit: http: // TimeProvider-2700-and-TimeProvider-2300 /

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