Taipei Photonics Show Drives LED Lighting Demand

The three-day Taipei Photonics Exhibition will begin on June 19th. The market focuses on LED lighting needs, and many LED factories have launched their own brands to grab lighting business opportunities.

The most upstream sapphire substrate factory revealed that LED lighting, which focuses on luminous efficiency, is now in short supply, because the single-chip 4-inch PSS can achieve higher production efficiency than the 4-inch 2-inch PSS, which helps to reduce LED lighting costs, the fourth quarter of the 4-inch PSS demand will significantly increase. The industry believes that under the premise of LED lamp price promotion, the LED manufacturing end can effectively reduce the cost will be the key to success, but also for the upcoming LED season to predict good results.

The LED factory's revenue in May was mostly warmed up. The upstream sapphire Zhaoyuan, Xinjing Diamond, Jingmei and Xinbing Ruijie all grew up; Leijing Leading Factory Jingdian hit a new high in 11 months, and the light continued to record high; Longda, ç’¨The round continued to grow, Dongbei was hitting a new high in a year, and Yiguang, Huaxing and other May revenues also performed well.

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