Talking about the Marking Problem in LED Controller Certification

LED lighting products known as the most promising development in the 21st century green lighting products sought after by many companies inside and outside the country, in support of a series of national policy, more and more companies see the future of LED lighting products, and their own research and development of products to apply for voluntary certification testing center, so that in the future will have more opportunities to promote their products, but many companies in the certification process encountered a lot of problems, and the question mark is the control device of the vast majority of enterprises generally The problem is that this article focuses on the marking problems that exist in LED control device certification. The standard for LED control device certification is "GB19510.14-2009 Lamp control device Part 14: Special requirements for DC or AC electronic control devices for LED modules". The seventh chapter of the standard states that the mandatory mark includes the provisions a), b), c), d), ( e), f), k), l) and m) of 7.1 of GB19510.1-2009 , And the constant voltage type required by the GB19510.14-2009 standard: rated output voltage and output current range; constant current type: rated output current and maximum output voltage; if applicable: the control device is only applicable to the declaration of the LED module. Stand-alone control devices need to meet some marking requirements of GB7000.1-2007. The supplementary signs include h), i), j) of 7.1 of GB19510.1-2009 and a description of whether the control device is connected to the main winding and

Description of the full extra low voltage control unit.

The following is an analysis of the product labeling problems encountered in the inspection, according to the installation method of the LED control device and the protection against electric shock: Figure 1:

Figure 1 Product Marking Problem: Sample Name: Constant Current LED Controller, CQC12-461224-2011 LED DC or AC Electronic Controller Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification Rules 4.1.2 Sample Marking Requirements: in the sample product label The product name should use the standard name "DC/AC Electronic Controller for LEDs" or simply the LED control unit. LED adapters, LED switching power supplies, LED drivers, LED converters, etc., which may be confused with other certified products, and other additional names such as high precision, high intelligence, and full range are not accepted.

figure 2:

Figure 2 Product logo issues:

1 Sample name: LED power adapter, does not accept such a name.

2 This LED control unit is built-in, not stand-alone, so IP20 and can not be placed on the mark; and SELV should be changed to SELV-equivalent (equivalent SELV).

image 3:

Figure 3 Product logo issues:

1 No sample name, LED control should be added.

2 Uncertainty is constant voltage type or constant current type. If it is constant pressure type, it should be marked OUTPUT: +36V

Max3.4A; if it is a constant current type, it should be marked Max 36V 3.4A.

Figure 4

Figure 4 Product logo issues:

Figure 4

The symbol is the symbol in Appendix I (stand-alone SELV product) of the GB19510.14-2009 standard . Since the control device in the figure is not SELV, this symbol cannot be marked.

Figure 5

Figure 5 Product logo:

This LED control unit is a qualified mark that includes stand-alone, Class II, SELV, short-circuit proof, and luminaire standards. The sign can be directly installed on the surface of ordinary combustible materials .

Note: All of the above products are labeled to ensure corporate privacy, and the trademark and manufacturer names have been removed.

In summary, the summary is as follows:

1. When making product certification, the enterprise should firstly belong to which type of control device according to the structural characteristics of its own control device. Figure 3 and Figure 4 are independent, Figure 1 and Figure 2 are built-in, and no case is attached. Integral.

2. According to the classification of anti-shock protection, confirm which line the line of the control device meets, such as

Equivalent safety extra low voltage standard SELV-equivalent; isolated control device should be marked ; Safety extra low voltage control device should be marked SELV;

3. Then confirm whether the control device belongs to constant voltage type or constant current type. The constant voltage type should be rated output voltage value and output current range value; the constant current type should be rated output current value and maximum output voltage value.

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